Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Personal Revival

Many people don't realize what revival really is! Some of the most common thoughts are: An increase in Sunday attendance, better singing, teaching more home Bible studies, and so on. However, real revival is something a little more personal.....

The picture above shows and describes what many people would say is an old time revival. Again revival is something a little more personal.

Let's look at the etymology of the word revival: re - again and vive - to bring to life. So in short our word for the day means: To Bring to Life Again! So someone who has never known Jesus can't possibly know Him again! Revival is for people who know or knew Jesus, and have gotten a little too comfortable, and over time lost the close personal relationship that they once had. They can be revived again!

If you feel like you have lost a little something between you and Jesus then it is about to to wake up are realize that you need Jesus now, today, immediately!

If you have never really known Jesus it time for you to become spiritually alive, and begin your personal relationship with Jesus! There is nothing as exciting as knowing Jesus! He is with you through the thick and the thin!

Yours for personal Revival!
Pastor Fred

Monday, November 05, 2007

Fire! Fire!

When someone yells, "Fire!, Fire!" What is the first thing that comes to mind? Stop. Drop. Roll. Call 911. Get water. What comes to mind when you are alerted about a fire? Too, many of us fire is considered dangerous, and we shy away from it as much as possible. Sure, we may heat our homes with, and it may be the driving force in many of our vehicles, but other than that we don't like fire. Forest fires destroy much of our real estate every year. Fires destroy many homes every year. The list could go on and on. However, there is some elements of fire that we must understand before we can truly understand its power, potential and so we can loose our fear of it.

First, fire starts with a single spark which then combusts with something else and oxygen to form a flame. This flame then becomes larger as it consumes whatever it comes in contact with. This is the reason that fire can be so dangerous. However, fire needs oxygen and a slight breeze to burn. Take away oxygen and the fire dies very quickly.

You may be wondering by now what in the world is this crazy preacher talking about fire for? Well, let me get into it.

I would like everyone to become a fire, in a sense. Why, What do you mean?

1. Fire consumes whatever is around it. If we are going to change our world for the better, and impact lives for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ then we must become a spiritual fire that will leap onto those who are near us, and consume them! Every ideal, proposal, business plan, must light a fire under those who hear and read them or they will surely die. We must possess and display such a passion about what we believe in that it must consume those who see and hear it!

2. Fire needs oxygen and fuel to burn. We must be a source of continual inspiration and substance for people to feed off of. We also, must be connected to the ultimate source - Jesus Christ. We must get in His presence and feed upon His Word as often each day as we can. Thus, we will be able to impact other peoples lives more easily!

What do you get excited about? What gets you going? What do you enjoy talking about? Learn how you feel when you are doing those things, and then get just as excited about Jesus, and let your flame burn!

Burning for Christ,
Pastor Fred

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Our Prayer Family: A List of Prayer Requests

  • Newfoundland & Labrador! That a wave of God's Spirit would flood this great province!
  • Your Neighbors, that Jesus would save their souls!
  • Springdale, Newfoundland: Pray that God's Spirit would awaken souls to their need of salvation and continued spiritual growth. Also, pray that Pastor Fred can teach many Home Bible Studies.
  • Pastor Fred and his family: Pray for Health, Strength, Inspiration, Revival and that God will lead him to many hungry souls
  • The Country You Live in: Pray for Salvation, Revival, Missionaries and the Moving of God's Spirit

Weekly Prayer for A Country on my counter:

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A Prayer for Canada:

This week Lord Jesus we bring the country of Canada. Let the revival of your Word and Name sweep across this vast dominion. Let all ethnic groups that now call this great land home become hungry for something more, and find YOU! Let the Church arise to become the bastion of Truth that it is meant to be. Let you people become the light and power that spreads your Gospel throughout all this land!
We ask this all in the Name of Jesus Christ -- Amen!