Saturday, November 22, 2008

Always looking for the bad stuff!

A short time ago I was asked to pay a little doctor's visit for my friend's computer. As an intermediate self taught technician, and as I do this fairly often I decided to help. So I took his tower home, and cleaned up all the spyware, adware, malware and trojans from off his computer. I availed of many of the freeware and trial version programs which I have tested and found extremely useful. After a couple days of work I finally returned the healthy computer back to its owner. He was happy! Another satisfied customer.

Well, last week he said that he couldn't find any spyware on the computer, and the thought crossed his mind that maybe there must be something wrong with the computer again! Yes, you read right he thought a healthy computer might have something wrong with it because there was nothing wrong it.

No stop laughing at my friend, because after I thought about it for awhile I realized we all do the same thing. (Well maybe not all of us, but alot of us! Especially my wonderful wife!)

Often we are faced with trials and temptations, and our human psyche seems to get used to the fact that bad stuff happens on a regular basis. So, when those "rare" times of blessing come we don't really rejoice in it we are always looking around for that bad time, which we "know" must be just around the corner!


Let me relay a circumstance which we went through recently.
A couple weeks ago, my hyper children decided that swinging from the copper water pipe, and of course it broke. Well it just wasn't any pipe it was the water main, that brings water into the house from the town! On top of that the valve inside the house is so old the rubber was all worn off and so it blew off when I tried to fix the problem. Now we have a mess, and we are only about 4 feet from the 4 inch town water main, so we have about 70 lbs of water pressure pulsing into the basement. This happened for about 20 minutes to half and hour. Yes, you guessed it there was inches of water all over the basement. Needless to say after a friend came over and helped me save the day, and all the water was cleaned up we have the problem of clean up. As I'm sure you have guessed by now it wasn't just the flooring that was destroyed but furniture and other things. Once we had time to look around and things started drying out, I realized that this wasn't a bad thing, like my wife believed at first. (to make a long story short) Everything we needed to fix the problem was already around us. The total cost of the repairs including new valves, pipes, flooring and furniture was ----- under $30.00! The good Lord had supplied everything in advance! I had enough good used laminate flooring given to me to redo the necessary floor space. I had enough piping left over from other projects to meet this need. All I needed to buy was a new valve, and cpvc piping glue. Praise the Lord!

To the point. If I had been busy looking for the next problem that is coming down the line, I most certainly wouldn't have seen the blessing that was already standing in front of me!

So, the next time that good happens to you, rejoice and be glad, and give God the glory! Don't always expect and look for the bad, expect God to take care of you. That is exactly what He wants to do!

Yours for blessing,
Pastor Fred

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Pray?

Have you ever wondered, "Why should I pray?" Have you ever wondered, "What is the point to pray?"

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. Every spiritual and physical blessing comes through prayer.

Wow, that is so simple yet so profound! I pray because I want a relationship with my Saviour. I pray because I want God's best for my family. I pray because Jesus is Good to me! I pray because I have financial needs. I pray because I am blessed. I pray because I want to know the will of God. I pray because I need encouragement and strength. I pray because I want to know what to tell people in need. I pray so I can be a better person. I pray so I can know Jesus!

Pray is everything, and everything comes through pray!

Just a thought,
Pastor Fred

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do You Have Time?

Are you Busy? Do you have time to read this post? Yes. No. Maybe.

If you are too busy then maybe you should read on. It won't take long, but it might help you get you mind back on the right track!

I have been too busy to write, or read very much in the past few weeks.
I have been too busy to do much with my family and friends.
I have been too busy to finish anything that needs to be done.

Have you been the same? What direction is your life taking?

It's time to take a second look at your life. Its time to take a second look at what you are doing.

Trust me when I say there is more to life than work, and always doing something.

There needs to be time for you, for your family, for your friends, for your God!

It's time to get back to prayer. It's time to get back to Jesus. It's time to get back to the Bible. It's time to get back to family. It's time to get back to true friendships. It's time to get back to personal relaxation time.

Don't work yourself to death. Find time for those things that are truly important.

Yours for time for Jesus,
Pastor Fred

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Life Is...

Life is what you make it.
You can work yourself to the bone,
or you can share while you knit.

Life is what you want.
You can run and play all day,
or you can stare at a font.

Life is what you are.
A workaholic who's never home,
or a family man who makes it far.

Life is what you do.
Chasing the next plane,
or finding an opportunity new.

Life is what you say.
Talking to pass the time,
or for your children foundations lay.

Life is what you write.
Will you leave volumes behind,
or will there be a fight.

Life is what you see.
The little things that you find,
or is everything about me.

Life is what you have.
Many interesting toys,
or friends and family like a salve.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What you Say is What you Get!

I have recently discovered that among the many wonderful nuggets of gold found with in the covers of the Holy Bible - God's Word - there is a universal truth that many people believe, follow, and practice. This universal truth is contained within the old adage "What you preach is what you get." This being said there are many secular life coaching groups that teach their clients this very thing, and get paid big money too!

God himself has taught us that with faith, action and our words we can obtain the things we want and need! It is truly amazing what Jesus taught us in his word!

Let me try to make it very simple! In the Book of Hebrews the Bible describes to us that Jesus upholds creation by the "word of his power". This statement means that when we talk about the power and ability of Jesus Christ we are helping uphold creation in its proper balance! Why? Because when you talk about the power of God you are invoking His ability into reality! When you talk about the Healing Power of God He heals! When you talk about the Saving Power of Jesus He saves! When you talk about the miraculous abilities of Jesus He brings forth miracles!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the (preached or talked about) Word of God!

Have you ever noticed a sports team who are negative because their best player is out of the game or season? They usually don't win, and if they win it will be few and far between. But, if you get a team of players that are positive and are always talking and believing that they are winners you will have a team that wins, and if they do happen to lose it will be few and far between!

If you want something in your life whether physical or spiritual then start talking about it, and you will start acting upon what you have faith in. And the next thing that you will realize is that your dream, and conversations have become a reality!

Yours for a faith filled and explosive reality!
Pastor Fred

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time flies...whether you have fun or not!

Well it has been another busy couple of weeks, however, God has been great as usual, and many things have been accomplished!

1. We've successfully transitioned from summer mode to school mode! Ethan my oldest has finally started school! Tuesday was the big day and he was extremely excited! Soraya did a wonderful job teaching him. (We are home schooling - challenging, rewarding, and fun) The A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) Curriculum is very well laid out, and easy to follow for both Ethan and Soraya. Kudo's for A.C.E.! Ethan is catching on very quickly, and we have noticed marked improvement in his attention span, focus, and learning ability over the past couple of days. It really is amazing how children grow up, and can learn new things!

2. The Sanctuary of Truth Church website is up and running. Although it isn't completely finished it should be fully functional. The Online Radio is available again. (as you can see above) However, I have noticed a few songs are either not working or not available. (Please help me identify all songs that aren't working or available - leave a comment or email me.) The video media player is still in the works. Some of the media from the last site is gone for ever, but we are in the process of making more. Bear with us as we improve our sites, and enjoy them as they grow. You can visit the site @

3. We are in the process of expanding our POWer Hour attendance as we move into the Fall season. We still have a couple of weeks left for the "Friendship" program, and then we will jump into another attendance promotion as we begin a new program for the Fall and Christmas seasons.

4. The Good Lord has given "yours truly" another song. Lord willing I will be able to post a video of it soon. The title is "All I can do is Worship You!" The song sort of just dropped in one evening as I was preparing a message for a Church Service, and developed into a full fledged worship/hymn song.

5. By the Grace of God we are in the process of buying a local business. No we don't have any money, but God works things out, and will make all things possible as He always does! It requires a lot of leg work, but I see Jesus at every turn helpping us along. More info on this will follow....

6. Jesus lead me to a website a few months ago called
the It is a website of a life coach and keynote speaker Michael Bungay Stanier the Senior Partner, Box of Crayons . His coaching ability is quite good, and I've been reviewing the emails and questions sent to me. Putting things into practice is quite different than just reading and disgarding. So, that is exactly what I've been doing. By the Grace of God I've been implimenting two questions a day. Now I have posters all over my wall that remind me what my core values are and what I want to happen and be done in my life! It's great! (I'll share this in more detail later.)

Well, that's about it for now, but I do want you to remember a couple things before we sign off.

A. Keep Smiling - as the old children's song says "smilers never lose and frowners never win!"
B. Remember that "God is Good All the Time!" If you can realize that no matter what you go through God is good that knowledge will change your life!
C. Jesus loves you!

Yours for a Blessed Day,
Pastor Fred

Friday, August 15, 2008

It "was" a long lonely summer! ... Joking!

Well it has been an extremely busy summer! Between revival services, Kids Power Hour, Bible Study, Sunday Services, Full time employment, Janitorial work, and Clowning! Wow! When it is all run together it looks almost as much as it feels! Nonetheless, it as been fun, albeit very exhausting.

Pastor Fred Online does have some exciting news though - It looks like we found another webhost that will accept paypal and our media will be up and running again! Lord willing in the next week or so you should see your favorite sermons and online radio up and running again! We are very excited, and how to bring you a very exciting fall and winter full of interesting thoughts, God filled messages and Spirit Filled music...

Also, in the next couple of months Lord willing there will be some more exciting "musical" news to share, but we wont get the cart in front of the horse!

Thanks to everyone who has come and visited over the summer months inspite of my busy schedule and online absence. May God richly bless you!

Pastor Fred

Friday, June 06, 2008

News and Stuff

Good Morning One and All!

It's been a very busy couple of months for us here at Pastor Fred Online and Pastor Fred's Thoughts. First of all to you who have enjoyed the Blog Radio and Video Sermons; I haven't been able to successfully take care of my other webhost. So the bill is still out standing, and currently I have no way to pay for it. I hope to have it back up and running as soon as possible. So, keep that in your prayers.

Current Events:
We have been busy around the Church family here in Springdale! Many new things are happening and it is very exciting. We have 5 new children in our exciting and new Sunday School Class! Our fun includes fishing for Songs to puppets and fun crafts. We try to have a healthy snack each week as well. All of the children have special Sunday School shirts labeled with our logo "God's Little Helpers". If you are interested come and see Joy and Grampy Wrinkles!
We are also getting ready to start a very special and exciting summer Children's Church entitled "Friendship". It will be amazing as we sail through each class on the HMS Togetherness! That will be starting in the next couple of weeks and will be held on Thursday nights from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. (Sneak Peek: The ship will be real!)
Also coming in June from the 20-22 we will be have some very special revival services with Bro. Billy Huey. This gentleman is a fine preacher, and an awesome soul winner. He will bring his treasure chest, and other goodies so come expecting an awesome time in the presence of the Lord!

It is going to be an awesome summer so come back often and I will keep you updated!

Yours for God's Kingdom
Pastor Fred

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength!

Good Morning! God is Great all the time! I hope the crackling fire, brewing coffee, green tea, and or cozy robe are giving you a cheerful Monday Morning!? Have you looked out and watched the sun rise lately? This would be a great day to do that, or maybe you'll have to wait until tomorrow, but nonetheless you should watch a sun rise. It will make your day seem so much better!

Pastor Fred! You seem to be so happy and cheerful this morning. What's up with that? Well, let me tell you. It really doesn't have anything to do with the way that I feel. Actually it just barely turned 7 a.m., and I've already got the garbage out by the curb, and had my morning glass of water. My baby decided that it was time to wake up at 6:40 a.m. this morning! So I am quite sleepy.

But, it is a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the snow is melting, my baby is cooing in the next room while being amused by Winnie the Pooh classics, and God is Good all the Time! This Joy that I have deep inside this world didn't give it to me, and this world can't take it away!

This week has actually been a very trying week. Well, since Friday morning any way. See, Thursday night at Bible study we talked about Joy, and how it applies to relationships - as we've been doing a study on relationships and how the fruit of the Spirit should be applied to every relationship. Needless to say the good Lord above decided that I needed to be reminded myself about what I taught. We did much discussion on the fact that the Joy of the Lord is our strength, and the fact that joy is not an emotion, but rather a state of mind. Yes we can have emotions from being joyful such as happiness and cheerfulness, but nonetheless joy is a state of mind that goes beyond circumstance and feelings.

As I was saying Jesus decided it was time for a test of spirit, character and joy! I woke up first thing Friday morning, and gave the day to the Lord. I went down stairs, and as I passed by the basement stairwell I noticed something. Stopping to look I saw that the basement was flooded! My wonderful children had thrown toys into the sump-pump hole and clogged the pump! So now all the overnight spring rain and melting snow had over flowed and began to fill the basement! It wasn't much, just about a 1/2 and inch all over the whole basement, but it was enough to make a complete mess. (Thank you Jesus! It is going to be a great day!) Well, the pump was broken, but repairable. However, I was in the process of getting ready to leave for Woody Point so I could do some work, and couldn't take care of the basement mess until I got back.

As you are now seeing the test of my joy had begun in full swing!

To make a long story short with the help of the Holy Spirit and the preaching of my beautiful wife I was able to recognize the test, and bring my spirit under control and let the Lord teach me a lesson that I really needed to learn! Many other thing happened between Friday and Sunday, but I don't have the time or space to go through everything. Suffice it to say that God is good, and the Joy of the Lord can be your strength if you will just learn to keep your eye of the important stuff, and don't sweat the small stuff!
(Yes, a flooded basement is small stuff!)

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice! (Paul)
As a man thinks in his mind, so is he! (Proverbs)

Yours for the Joy of the Lord,
Pastor Fred

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Media Content

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for bearing with me as I update the blog, and add some new content. I hope you enjoy the radio. If you haven't noticed there is a small continuous play button on the top of the radio player. Also just added is the video player. I have been working on this for about 3 or 4 days, but finally figured everything out. It isn't very graphically pleasing yet, but it does stream the videos. Please enjoy. And you will be hearing more from me again!

Pastor Fred

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Muddy Puddle Question!

What is it about a muddy puddle that makes a child drawn to it? What is it about the muddy puddle that is like a magnet, and a child just has to step in it and dance!?

This question really struck me Thursday evening as my son, Ethan, and I were going into the Church for Bible Study. It had been a snowy, sloppy, warmish kind of day, and between the van and the Church was a rather large muddy puddle. As we passed, Ethan began to position himself for the big plunge! As I was on hand his impulsive desire to jump was quickly thwarted, and this question crossed my mind. Then in the few seconds before we entered the Church for Bible Study I realized that the Good Lord had just given me food for thought and sermon material!

We need to be like that muddy puddle! Not in respect the the muddy or even in respect to the puddle, but rather we must be like magnets that people feel need to jump into! As a Pastor and a Preacher it can be difficult at times to convince people of their spiritual needs, but if I could become like a muddy puddle I wouldn't have to convince people they would just want to jump in and get their spiritual needs met!

Everywhere Jesus went the crowds just happened. He was like a crowd magnet. He didn't have to announce His arrival into town. He didn't have to put up posters or make radio announcements! Jesus found some needy people and began to minister. The result: shortly afterward a huge crowd would begin to form, and He would have a congregation to preach to! Oh, to be more like Jesus! Oh, to be less like myself!

So my challenge this morning, evening and noon is that you change whatever needs to be changed in your life so that you are a magnetic muddy pool of spiritual desire! You get Jesus so He overflows and people will want the part that is slopping over!

Yours for magnetic Christianity,
Pastor Fred

PS. Enjoy my online Radio at the top of the page! Press the continuous button so the music will continually loop.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Divine Appointments

This is my first attempt at editing, burning, encoding and uploading a video so please bear with me. This video is from our Easter Night Church Service. (Well, the preaching part anyway.) Hope you enjoy and are blessed. More to come!
This Video is approximately 38 minutes long...

Thank you for being apart of this ministry. If you would like a DVD copy of this sermon sent to you please send a $10.00 donation to help with expenses and shipping. Thank you and God bless. (Address : Sanctuary of Truth, P.O. Box 97, Springdale, NL A0J 1T0) (Please make cheque or money order to: UPCI NL District.) Thank you for your support and prayers!

Yours for Spreading the Gospel,
Pastor Fred

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Does Jesus Amaze You?

Text: Acts 2:1-8

Down through history there have been many things, events, sights and ages that have brought much amazement to humanity; an amazement to its wonder and glory, or at its evil, destruction and ruin. Yet, at all the amazing things that this world has shown, seen, experienced and been through there has not be anything more amazing than the coming of Jesus Christ!

The incarnate almighty God robbing himself in humanity, and coming to earth being born a baby fragile, innocent, cold, hungry, and tiny is absolutely AMAZING! This same Lord growing as a boy, learning his father’s trade, obeying His parents and experiencing what it means to be a child and a teen is truly AMAZING! Then becoming a man, and leaving the security of home, and taking up his purpose as leader, healer, redeemer, teacher and sacrifice this too is AMAZING! Finally, Jesus gave His all in the garden, upon the cross, and arose triumphant from the tomb! All these things are AMAZING beyond what words can truly express!

My question to you this day is:

“When was the last time you were amazed by Jesus?”

  1. Does anything about our Saviour invoke an emotional response?

Do you no longer feel a wonder when you come to the house of prayer and worship?

Do you no longer feel the excitement at knowing you have been redeemed?

Do you no longer experience the brush of angel’s wings while living your life?

Is there no wonder at the cross, the grave or sky which took Jesus home?

Is there no wonder when you once more hear the age old story?

Have you no fear of God in your heart?

Have you no consideration that this life will not last for ever, unless you find Jesus?

Does not the fact that you have witnessed and experienced divine healing change you?

Does not the fact that you have witnessed and experienced salvation move you?

As Paul wrote: “You did run well, who did hinder you?”

What are the weights and sins that are weighing you and me down? Why is it so difficult to forget about our self, our surroundings, our neighbors and just Worship like we really mean it, feel it, and know we ought to?

  1. Find something that amazes you about Jesus, and grow from there!

During the life of Jesus there were many times that people were amazed by him, at him and because of him. Even after Jesus was gone during the ministry of the Apostles there was still much amazement because of Jesus!

Mat_12:22-23 Mar_1:23-27 Luk_4:31-36

Jesus Cast out the dumb and blind devil

Mat_19:16-26 Mar_10:17-32

Rich young ruler asked about salvation

Mar_2:1-12 Luk_5:18-26

Four bring the sick of the palsy


Jesus walks on the water and calms the sea


After Transfiguration he casts out devil from boy


Jesus Rises, Women see angel

Act_2:1-8 Act_2:12-39

The Day of Pentecost and out pouring of Spirit


Paul is converted and preaching Jesus

These people experienced Jesus and were amazed. Just because we can’t really “see” Jesus here doesn’t mean we can’t experience him. I am challenging you this day to experience Jesus again and be amazed! There is nothing more amazing than experiencing Jesus for yourself!

  1. Don’t be guilty of bottling your salvation up!

So many people have experienced Jesus for themselves, and then after a few months you no longer hear about their experience. Don’t be one of those people who allow the “MATURE” Christians calm them down. Rather stand outside of the box and be a light that shines in the darkest night. Do not worry about their snide remarks. Do not concern yourself with their sarcastic remarks. No, be a tower of strength; a lighthouse in spite of the storm!

There is nothing more frustrating to a Christian than not expressing their love for Jesus! Just like two people who are in love, if they don’t tell each other thy love each other there is great pain. Yet, if we don’t express our devotion and amazement about Jesus we will forget, and loose our way!

We are meant to be the most expressive, outgoing, giving, loving, kind and hospitable people in the world. No one should be able to out give a child of God in anything! Don’t bottle up your emotions. Don’t hold back on the fact that Jesus saved you from your sins! There is no greater story than your personal testimony of Christ’s victory over sin in your life!

(True Story)

While at our community Ministerial ecumenical Easter service at a local Church the Lord impressed upon me the need to pray for the sick. So after my message I asked everyone who needed prayer to raise their hand. Many people participated. As We prayed a corporate anointed prayer of healing you could feel the Spirit of God move through the building. After the service was about to close the lady who was doing the benediction noted this prayer, and said, “…You could almost feel that God was healing people as we prayed” then she finished, “I have never felt that before!”

To be perfectly honest this made the whole service for me. For a lay minister from another church group to publicly confess and announce that they had never felt a particular move of God, but today they had, and that it was worthy of note, absolutely was wonderful!

When we can let the amazement of Christ back into our lives and follow his guidance and leading it is truly AMAZING!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

How often are you a Christian?

Another title could be:
"What are you doing about the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ?"

"And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." Acts 11:26b
"...Follow in His Steps." 1 Peter 2:21-25

I have been on a quest. I have been seeking hidden treasure, but have only found questions. These questions need answers, and once answered will tell me if there is any treasure inside or not! I am referring to my own personal quest at self evaluation. This quest has lead to some very important findings about my inner person. (Once I've satisfactorily completed my quest I will share some of my findings.) For the purpose of this post I will focus on one particular question that arose:

"How Often Are You A Christian?"

We claim to be Christians, but how often does this fact show to those we meet everyday? How often are we actually practicing the character that Jesus displayed everyday? How often do we truly walk in Christ's footsteps?

"Do we think that we just are a Christian?"

Matthew 7:16-20

Do men gather grapes from thorn-bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Fruit must be found on only its kind of tree or bush. You will never find plums on a blueberry bush or vis versa.

"Does a piece of fruit just happen?" "No! Of course not!"

  1. The tree must be watered and fertilized so that the proper nutrients are flowing.
  2. There must be enough sunlight and an appropriate temperature.
  3. This will help the tree to blossom beautiful flowers, but only if the above two options are met.
  4. There must be a transference of pollen. A. By Insects B. By Wind or C. By Self Pollination.
  5. There must be an adequate incubation time, which includes the right amount of water, fertilizer, sun and temperature!
  6. Finally over the course of a couple months the fruit will grow into maturity. This fruit will contain everything needed to reproduce the process all over again, or nourish another creature.
Let's take a moment to translate this into our spiritual growth period.

  1. Prayer and the Word of God are considered "spiritual water" in the scriptures.
  2. Bible Study and listening to Preaching are considered "spiritual fertilizer".
  3. The Light of the Holy Spirit of Jesus is "spiritual sunshine".
  4. Your relationship with Jesus Christ our Saviour is the fragile "spiritual blossom".
  5. The "spiritual pollen" is transfered by Christian fellowship and Training from the Pastor, Spiritual Leader or a Christian Friend. The Wind of the Holy Spirit, and Personal Devotions also play a very important role in this pollination process.
  6. Through a consistent regiment of all the above we can let our relationship "blossom" grow into a truly amazing and beneficial "spiritual fruit of the Spirit"!
As you can deduct in your own mind, many of us "Christians" aren't the "Christians" we claim to be. It isn't that we don't care, or that we are hypocrites, or even backsliding from our beliefs. We just are not putting enough effort and thought into being everything that Jesus died for us to be!

"Let's look at some of Jesus Christs Character Traits!"

(Note: this is just a brief list as there are over 60 recorded traits...)
  • Humble
  • Compassionate
  • Had righteous indignation
  • Courageous
  • Loved His Enemies
  • Was Kind and Tender hearted
  • Took care of people's needs, sickness and afflictions
  • Healed ALL of the Sick
  • Stood for Righteousness no matter the cost
  • He could not be bribed
  • He took time to pray
  • He went to Church often
  • He read the Bible (even though He was the Living WORD!)
  • He took time for family and friends (and took care of their needs)
  • He took a break (to relax and stay focused on His purpose)
  • He fed the hungry
  • He gave drink to the thirsty
  • He gave to the needy
  • He was a peace-maker
  • He was passionate
  • He was focused on the goal and purposes of His life
  • He worked Hard
  • He Obeyed (even to the cost of His own life!)
He Also taught us what the "Fruit of the Spirit" taste like:
  • Love
  • Joy / Gladness
  • Peace / Calmness of spirit
  • Patience / Long suffering
  • Kindness / Gentleness
  • Goodness / Giving
  • Faithful
  • Meekness / Humility
  • Self-control / Temperate
Finally, "How can we have this in our own lives?"

Abide in Jesus the Tree of Life! John 15:4, 5

Follow the steps to abundance that Peter pointed out should be in every follower of Christ's life:
2 Peter 1:5-12
  1. Faith / Assurance
  2. Virtue / Moral excellence
  3. Knowledge / Understanding
  4. Temperate / Self Restraint
  5. Patience / Stead Fast / Faithful
  6. Godliness / Devotion / Passion
  7. Brotherly Kindness
  8. Charity / Love
Keep these on the top of your vine and you will be full of tasty fruit!

To give you a couple of starting tips here are some questions to ask yourself everyday, and whenever you have to make a decision in life:
  • What Would Jesus Do?
  • Is It Good For Me?
  • Does It Glorify Jesus?
  • Is It Profitable or Uplifting?
  • Is It a Stumbling Block to my relationship or someone else?
  • Will this become a weight and weigh me down?
Stick to Jesus and He will Stick to You!

Yours for a glorious relationship with Jesus,
Pastor Fred Grothe
PS> Enjoy this youtube Easter video. Let its message change your life!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Overwhelming Frustration

There are times in our lives when circumstances can pile one upon the other, and we become frustrated and overwhelmed. Let me give you an example:

For just over a week now my wife and my four children have been sick with some kind of flu, and our baby, because of it, hasn't been sleeping only but a couple hours each night. Consequently, both my wife and I have not been getting enough sleep. And we all know what happens when we don't get enough sleep. Our attitude isn't right, our character is out of sorts, tempers can flare very easily, and the whole family can suffer.

It can be very easy to let yourself slip into a state of circumstantial depression, and not allow yourself to deal logically with this type of situation. It is also easy to let yourself get caught up in the emotional strain of the moments. This is when some very unpleasant things can happen.

1. you can loose your temper.
2. you can say things that you don't really mean.
3. you can do something that you really didn't want to do.
4. your words can be easily taken the wrong way.

From my own personal experiences I have found a good way to overcome some of these very unpleasant circumstances.

1. Make some time to get away by yourself, and do something that is calming to you. You are not denying the circumstance is happening, nor are you neglecting to take care of the situation. (Some people would try to just forget that overwhelming things happen, and move on without counquering them, overcoming them, or learning from them.

2. While you are by yourself doing what you like to do and what calms you, let your mind and body relax so that you can look at the circumstances objectively and rationally. ( I play my guitar, sing, make up a song, fiddle with our piano, or play a video game. These are my relaxation activities.)

3. Brace your mind and re-enter your overwhelming circumstances. This time you will encounter them with more peace, control and more ability to do what is right even though the situation is very frustrating.

Of course a bit of prayer, and very passionate long kiss are always beneficial in helping you overcome stress!

Hope this helps,
Pastor Fred
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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ever Wonder where Wonder went?

I was going to write about something totally different, but while we were watching "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" my wife noted something about my son Micah. She said, "He definitely knows wonder," as he ooooed and awed at different scenes in the movie. As I began to ponder on this it occurred to me that many people have lost their "Wonder Bone".

When is the last time you just saw something, whether new, old, common or extraordinary and just was taken by the awe of it? Does water hold any wonder for you? Then take a walk by the ocean sometime and watch the wondrous waves crash, or view the pack us moving and swelling. Does the sky hold any wonder for you? Then look up the next time you hear an airplane passing by, or view the glory of God's handiwork late on a clear night. Do you wonder at the mechanical genius of a vehicle? Then walk this evening for an hour, and imagine how far you could have gone by driving a car or truck. Do you take a phone for granted? Then unplug your telephone and try to communicate with your friends and family; much more difficult isn't it?

In today's growing information and technology age we are quickly becoming immune to the excitement and wonder of new things and especially of the old things. We are so completely inundated and overwhelmed by commercials, bill boards, signs and advertisements that we no longer get excited when we see something new and wonderful!

I often wonder why so many people are no longer interested in learning truth, and discovering the many amazing things in the Bible. Then I realize the we are so consumed with glorious visions and lies we see in Movies that truth no longer looks cool enough to believe!

If only we could stop look around and see the wondrous truth that surrounds us everyday!
The Heavens declare the glory of God!

Families are falling apart every day. Why? Simply because people have lost the wonder of it all! They no longer find joy in the little things of life. Like the fresh smell of coffee in the morning. Or, the sound of bacon and eggs frying. People don't seem to even notice the cute little idiosyncrasies of their spouses any more. When is the last time you told your wife /or husband, that the meal the cooked was extraordinary and thanked them for taking the time to prepare it? When was the last time you volunteered to do the dishes just because your better half could use the break? When was the last time you spent 1/2 an hour playing with your kids and their toys?

The Passion of the little things will keep your world turning, and ensure that you never overlook the wonder and amazement of everything!

Take time to wonder about your family.
Take time to wonder about Jesus and his Story!
Take time to pray and read the wondrous Bible!
Most of All take time to WONDER!

Pastor Fred
PS. Thanks to for the use of these pictures!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who Do You Call....When They Come For You?

The great opening song for Ghost Busters, "Who do you call when they come for you?" has been an icon in the past generation, but the question today isn't really about ghosts. It is about calling out for help in time of need. So let me ask you again, "Who do you call...when they come for you?"

Let me explain where I'm trying to take you today.

Last night while "stumbling" around the internet I cam across a very cool website: . (Please go to the website and check out the story) This site is dedicated to prayer 24-7. What? Yes! Groups of people around the world have united in prayer, and are doing so 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What is most interesting about this group is that they are comprised mostly of young people and youth groups!

There is no greater force on or in earth than prayer. Not only is it good for your health, soul and mind it is also good for your spirit. Through Prayer lives are being changed. Through Prayer people are being healed. Through Prayer countries are changing policies to benefit the people. Through Prayer revival is taking place! Through Prayer disasters are being avoided! Prayer Changes Things!

I don't really care if you have never prayed before, or haven't prayed on a regular basis. I still want to challenge you to prayer. What better way to learn how to pray than to to just do it! Just talk to Jesus like you would talk to me or your best friend. You don't have to hold back, but you do need to be honest! Prayer will change your life!

There is an only saying, "An Apple A Day will Keep the Doctor Away." Well, I have another saying for you, "A Prayer A Day will Keep You Singing Alway!"

P ray
U ntil
S omething
H appens

Websites about/on Prayer:

Monday, February 18, 2008

What is most important to you?

It has been said that in any given relationship of any kind usually one party gives 80% to said relationship and the other party give only about 20%.

It has also been said that out of any given relationship a person will only get about 80% of what they need, will look in other areas for that final 20% that they need to fulfill themselves.

Unfortunately what can happen is the 20% can look so much better than the 80%, and we can leave to 80% to attain unto that 20% of satisfaction. It could be your work. It could be sports. It could be another person. It could be online chat rooms. It could be friends. It could be video/computer/console games. Whatever situation you find yourself in it is time to stop, take a break, look around and re-evaluate your life.

I've also heard this one, "My marriage is based on a 50 / 50 principle. I give 50% to the marriage and she gives 50% and that equals 100%." Unfortunately you are wrong! A marriage isn't based on simple addition or subtraction. A marriage is based upon multiplication. Not 1 + 1 = 2, but 1 X 1 = 1!

In a relationship, especially marriage, it is a union of hearts, spirits, minds and bodies. As the Bible describes it; two become one! That is multiplication. Therefore, it behooves the man to give 100% of himself to his family, and the woman to give 100% to her family. Remember 1 x 1 = 1! When each person in the relationship is willing to give all their selves to each other that is when true love and unity can be explored and seen!

What is most important to you? Your Career? Your Sports? Your Volunteering? Your Games? Your Family? I am sure that most people who read will readily say that they think their family is important to them, but I am not interested in talk. My wife and I recently took time to have a very personal, honest and open talk. Through this conversation and discussion, which at times erupted into arguments, I discovered some very important feelings that wife has been dealing with for a fairly long time. These very important issues where by and large unknown to me. Sure I recognized that my wife was going through some things, but really didn't know what they were. It wasn't until we took the time to confront each other about these, and then take a honest look at our issues that we were able to fix them.

How can you find out what you really think is important? Well, you can try what I've been doing for a couple of weeks now. I had become very dissatisfied about myself, and the direction my life was taking.
  1. So I bought myself a very good daily/weekly planner, and began to write down everything that I do each day.
  2. After a few days of this I was able to identify in which direction my time was being funneled.
  3. Once I saw where my time was going I was able to identify what I really would like to do, and what should be very important to me each day.
  4. Next I wrote a list of important activities I should do every day. 1. Study 2. Practice Juggling/Balancing/Karate 3. Spend time with my wife 4. Spend time with my Children 5. Read my Bible/Pray 6. Read books 7. Business Plan 8. Relationship Book 9. Church Studies/Sermons. (I haven't arranged them in any particular order of importance.)
  5. I am beginning to arrange my time so that these priorities will be met every day, or at least in a timely fashion throughout the week.
  6. In doing the above activities I noticed that too much of my time was being spent doing things that really were not productive to developing my family. I was spending too much time working and resting, and not enough time with my family. I wasn't talking to my wife like I used to. I wasn't treating my children with respect and kindness. I discovered what was truly important, and realize I must change my ways.
  7. I began to research ways to better myself, my family, my time management and life ethic on the internet. Then the practical things I found I am trying to implement and practice in my life.
  8. So far I have found that these things have been working quite well, and I've noticed a difference in my family already, and will continue to make positive changes that will lead to a healthy relationships with my wife and children.
What people mistakenly believe is that clergy are invulnerable to these types of disasters, but we are only human and must learn the best we can to find truth in every aspect of our lives. I pray and study my Bible often so I can know truth, but without a true open relationship with my family what good will all the revelations of the universe do me? If you can truly be honest with yourself you will see that a personal relationship with your family will bring the best and truest form of satisfaction in life!

Remember this little acronym to help your find direction.

J = Jesus
O = Others
Y = You

Stop thinking about yourself and begin to think about your family!

Pastor Fred

Friday, February 15, 2008

To my wife

Love is tender and kind
Love is a decision to be blind
Love is a once in a life time find
Love will get you out of a bind

I am glad that I found you in time
So I can keep my life in rhyme
Without you my life would be in ruin
You make my life a perfect tune

Thanks for taking time to be with me
And soon you will see
That we will grow old
And will be together and be bold

I Love You!

copyright February 2008 Frederick J Gothe

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jesus I forgot....

As I was cleaning off the lunch table this afternoon I noticed one of my children's books on the high chair. It was a Frank Meyer's book, "I Just Forgot." The book tells the tail of a little boys adventures in forgetting to do or not do certain activities during the run of a day. Things like forgetting to turn of the taps and having the water run over the floor and such the like. You know things we do every day because we forget!

I am endeavoring to better myself and be more organized, which in itself is one of those unending, undo able tasks, but I will succeed - sooner or later!

One of the hardest things I am finding to overcome is my mind and memory. I do have a rather good mind, but it seems I have cluttered it up with useless stuff, and now I am waging war on my brain trying to clean it up! If we can overcome our habits, and force ourselves to do a new thing we can actually succeed.

As powerful as a habit and a schedule are we must have the backbone and fortitude to overcome ourselves. Thus, forcing ourself to do something new. As a Green Belt in Karate I have learnt that in order to train my body to remember and do certain actions I must over exaggerate some of my movements in the training phase so that when it comes time to use those actions my body has them memorized and they become second nature. So, in order to change in life and do something different and better we must exaggerate ourselves at first so we can overcome our little idiosyncrasies and win the battle of our mind!

Did you know that forgetting is no excuse? The fact is everything we ever hear, read, write or otherwise experience with our senses becomes a permanent part of our memory. The problem with most of us, including myself, is that we haven't trained our minds to have a proper filing system. Our mental filing cabinets are all messed up. The letters and numbers are all mixed together and vis versa. What we must learn to do is re-program ourselves to file our memories correctly.

Now for the question of the day. Do you think that Jesus is going to accept the "I forgot excuse" come judgment day?

NO! Of course not. We don't allow it as a legitimate excuse so why would Jesus? Just because you forgot to pray doesn't make it right. Just because you forgot to read your Bible doesn't make it O.K.. Just because you were to busy and forgot to go to Church doesn't mean you are off the hook. No, we have many means of forcing ourselves to remember in today's society that there is no excuse to forget anything!

Stop working so much!
Stop worrying so much!
Stop over thinking everything!
Stop procrastinating!
Stop allowing yourself to forget the important things in life!

Don't forget how old your children are.
Don't forget your anniversary.
Don't forget your spouses birthday.
Don't forget your wifes favorite flower.

Make yourself remember, be a better man - a better person - and don't allow yourself to tell Jesus you forgot. What would happen to your soul if Jesus forgot to die on the cross? What would happen to your chances of heaven if Jesus forgot to ascend to heaven, and pour out his spirit.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ignorance Isn't always Bliss....

It came to my attention recently that "as a Pastor" I shouldn't be using pictures from other websites without permission. This statement is true in part. It doesn't matter if I'm a Pastor or not using these types of media can be wrong.

The truth be known I really hadn't put much thought into it. I would just Google a topic and find pictures that suite the thought. Then I'd paste the URL and viola there is the picture. It really never occurred to me that some people might not like me using there already posted to the public pictures for my own use. This fact triggered some thoughts in my mind.

In the Bible ignorance was no excuse for breaking the law. As a matter of fact in Leviticus there are sacrifices given for sins committed in ignorance. I guess it would be like being pulled over by the local law enforcement, and telling them that you didn't know that the speed limit was only 50Km. They would probably still give you a ticket because it is the drivers responsibility to pay attention to the road signs.

Also, when we all get to heaven's gates many people are going to claim ignorance, but the Bible tells us that "God doesn't wink at ignorance" anymore. The "No one told me that I had to repent of my sins, and call out the Jesus for salvation" excuse will not hold any water any longer. Sure there is much more to it than just repentance and calling out to Jesus, but that will at least get you pointed in the right direction. Just like the tip I received about pirating pictures points me in the right direction. Now it is up to me to take action and start asking permission for these types of pictures. So, it is up to you to look into the perfect law of liberty, and truly find out how and why you must be saved.

PS. "Sorry for posting personal pictures without permission!"

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's Common To You?

Almost everyday we encounter things, people, items, products, signs, and stores that have become common place to us. The wonder of those things are no longer visible or important to us. If you traveled to see the Grand Canyon it would be amazing, wonderful, awesome, glorious. However, I wonder how the tour guide feels about it? He or She has only seen the Grand Canyon every day for the past "X" number of years, and the wonder of it has begun to wear off.

I recently heard a story about a man who was traveling by train a number of years ago. He sat across from another gentleman who was looking out the car window, and wondering at the sights which the train passed. They were traveling across the midwest of the United States, and as they would pass hills, trees, towns, rocks and any other everyday sight the man who was looking out the window would exclaim, "Wonderful," "Amazing," "Wow," and many other expletives. Finally, after a few hours of listening to this the other man asked the man looking out the window, "Sir, what is it that is so interesting, we are just crossing the mid-west and those are just trees, hills, towns and so on. What is so amazing about that?" The gentleman who had been looking out the window explained, "Sir, Last week I was blind and could not see. I have recently seen a doctor who was able to fix my sight, and now I can see everything that I haven't been able to see in years." With this new information our questioning man began to realize that our gazing friend was right. Those things which we take for granted everyday are really, awesome, wonderful, amazing, and wow!

When you see your family everyday do you take them for granted? You may automatically say no of course not? But, let me ask you a couple questions that might stimulate your mind.
  • Do you feel upset when you come home and dinner isn't ready?
  • Do your children tend to annoy you by asking seemingly endless questions?
  • Do you feel put out when your laundry isn't ready when you think it should be?
  • Do you put your children, wife, or husband off when they ask to spend time with you? (You may think that there is always later, and you are just too busy right now.)
  • Do you listen to your children, wife or husband when they talk to you? (Do you actually hear them?)
  • How often do you eat meals together as a family?
  • How often do you help your wife clean up around the house?
  • Do you spend time with you children at their level everyday?
  • Do you spend time with your wife everyday at her level?
If you can't answer yes or put a time on each of these questions, then you like myself are probably getting a little to common with your family. Family is everything! Don't waste it! Money and work are important, but they are not too important to loose your family too! Don't wait until you come home to an empty house to realize that your priorities were all wrong!

There are times when I take my family for granted, and just expect things to happen. All the really happens then is I get upset with some or all of my family. Then I wake up and realize my mistake and have to apologize for my stupidity.

Your family may not always be there. One night while you're at work late your house could burn down on your precious wife and children. What then? What will you have to remember them by? What memories do you have of playing cowboys and Indians with your children. What memories do you have of going out for that late night coffee with your wife? If you spend your time away from home if home goes you will be left with nothing!

Once you begin to take a close look at your life you will begin to realize that there are many things that have lost their wonder to you. Many things are just common and no big deal. I encourage you to wake up and smell the flowers in the garden. Realize the beauty and wonder of everything that is around you!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quick Fixes.....

2 Samuel 11

2 Samuel 12


Have you ever tried to fix something, and you just stuck everything together so that the item would work, but you really didn’t do a proper job. This is what we call an “Easy Fix”. Usually, down the road easy fixes come undone, and you have to repair them again.

This morning we are going to talk about easy fixes.

  1. People are always trying to sell an easy fix for life’s problems.

In this day and age of computers and technology eventually everything breaks down, and needs to be fixed. You can surf the internet far and wide, and you’ll soon see that there are a thousand easy fixes for every problem. The question is which one will really work.

I’ve been working on my computer trying to fix a networking problem, and haven’t found an easy fix yet. I’ve ready papers, downloaded programs, and studied other people’s solutions, but nothing has worked. Why? Because, there is no such thing as an “Easy Fix!”

  1. Saul tried to fix his problems.

I realize we read in our text about David, but before we talk about him let’s look at his father-in-law Saul. Saul was a humble young man when God called him to be king over Israel. However, it wasn’t long before Saul became proud, and longed for the praise of men. It was this character flaw that lead to his down fall. Finally, God sent the prophet Samuel to reprimand him. Every time the prophet came, Saul, would make excuses and blame the people instead of taking responsibility for his own actions. Finally, God took away the kingdom from Saul and gave it to David. When Saul realized who God gave the kingdom to he began to scheme and devise plans to kill David. That was the “Easy Fix”. The End result. Saul wasted his life chasing David when He should have been repenting of his sins. He died in battle because he never became humble enough to take care of his problems right.

  1. David doesn’t learn Saul’s lesson.

One would think that after seeing what Saul went through that David would be more careful and watch himself. Yet, he too became complacent with his position that God gave him, and did do what he should have done. As the first couple of verses in chapter 11 tell us, David was supposed to be out on the front lines with his troops leading them to victory. Instead he was home lounging around the family fireplace. This lazy complacent attitude put him in a very compromising position with another man’s wife. Instead of owning up to his sin, he too tried to find a “Quick Fix”. David had Uriah come home, and tried to make him sleep with his wife so it would look like the baby was Uriah’s. However, the man was righteous and as a good solider wouldn’t go home to his wife. Then David set him up to be killed in the battle.

Sometimes people think that tying up the loose ends will take care of all our problems, yet it never works that way. Eventually our sins will find us out. There is no easy fix. There is never a quick solution.

  1. Punishment.

Both of our examples ended in some form of punishment. Saul was killed in battle and David got the kingdom. In David’s case God sent the prophet and told him that he was “the man”. The punishment was family discord and problems, and his new born son would die! Always remember that there is never an easy quick fix!

  1. Solution.

John 14:6

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Philippians 4:6

Be careful for nothing: but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

The solution to every problem is Jesus. We sometimes try to fix our own problems, but that never works. We must lay aside our pride, and let Jesus take care of our problems. He will show you what to do!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shovel It Over Your Shoulder!

1Pe 5:7 ALT having cast all your* anxiety upon Him, for it is a concern to Him about you* [fig., for He cares about you*].

1Pe 5:7 BBE Putting all your troubles on him, for he takes care of you.

While on Christmas vacation I cleared off my father-in-law’s patio. During the process I began to think about Jesus and all he has done for me, and the thought occurred to me that my shovelling was exactly what Jesus wants me to do spiritually. Our text was the verse that crossed my mind next. “Cast all your cares upon him for he cares for you!” The following message was what came out of those thoughts.

  1. The Cross is history’s crossroad to eternity.

Almost every pulpit and church that preaches about Jesus in any form or fashion has a symbol of the cross of Jesus Christ within its walls. Sometimes it is on the pulpit other times it is one the back wall. In any case people see the cross when they come to church to worship Jesus. It is a symbol that keeps us pointed to the very crux of history!

The Old Testament is our schoolmaster leading us to Jesus. In other words, the Old Testament is point toward the Cross of Jesus. (Galatians 3:24)

Gal 3:24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.

The New Testament points us back to the cross of Jesus Christ. Our relationship with Jesus starts on the cross, and goes through the grave ending in the resurrection. The Gospel of Jesus Christ points us back to the cross.

The Old Testament Ended at the Cross, and the New Testament began at the Cross!

  1. Jesus wants us to shovel all of our troubles back to the cross!

Have you ever noticed that most people while shovelling will eventually begin to through snow or dirt back over their shoulder or off to the side? This very action brought this truth to my mind!

Being in the New Testament period of time we are looking back to the Cross of Jesus. Therefore everything we cast upon Jesus must be thrown back to the cross! Picture the shovelling motion of a person throwing the dirt or snow behind them. I believe this is the very action Jesus is describing in this verse.

Don’t bear your burdens alone! Let Jesus get under the yoke with you, and He will give you rest!

Mat 11:28-30 BBE Come to me, all you who are troubled and weighted down with care, and I will give you rest. (29) Take my yoke on you and become like me, for I am gentle and without pride, and you will have rest for your souls; (30) For my yoke is good, and the weight I take up is not hard.

The picture being described in this verse is an animal trying to bare the yoke of a loaded cart by itself. Jesus is telling the people that He is like a second stronger animal being put under the yoke along side of you, and giving you rest from the extreme pressure of the load. Now it isn’t you alone, but you and Jesus who are baring the load together; he taking the greater part!

  1. There is great assurance and promise that comes with trusting Jesus!

Psa 55:22 KJVR Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

There is something precious that takes place when someone releases their problems, troubles and cares to Jesus! There is a great element of pride in people’s lives and they just don’t want to be seen as vulnerable or weak. However, there is nothing embarrassing about sharing a load with someone else. As a matter of fact it is smart, wise and logical! If you are carrying something heavy you will gladly take assistance from another. Yet, when it comes to our emotions, personal problems, the cares of life and fears we are not willing to relinquish our pride!

1Pe 5:5-9 KJVR Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. (6) Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: (7) Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (8) Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (9) Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

It is the process of ridding ourselves of pride that gives us the strength to fight the mortal enemy of our soul – The devil!

Try Jesus! He will not fail! You will find rest!

Monday, January 21, 2008

5 steps to free your mind......

Today I've decided to post a messege I preached recently. This messege will help you keep your mind clear of the clutter that keeps us from functioning at peak efficiency. Also, I will be posting another messege in a couple days that will compliment this one so keep looking for more of Pastor Fred's thoughts! May God richly bless you!

(Below are a couple different translations of the same verse to give you an better idea as to the meaning and spirit of the scripture.)

Phi 4:4-8 KJVR Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. (5) Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. (6) Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (7) And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (8) Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Phi 4:4-8 GW Always be joyful in the Lord! I'll say it again: Be joyful! (5) Let everyone know how considerate you are. The Lord is near. (6) Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks. (7) Then God's peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus. (8) Finally, brothers and sisters, keep your thoughts on whatever is right or deserves praise: things that are true, honorable, fair, pure, acceptable, or commendable.

Phi 4:4-8 ALT Be rejoicing in the Lord always! I will say again, be rejoicing! (5) Let your* gentleness [or, considerateness] be known to all people. The Lord [is] near! (6) Stop being anxious about anything, _but_ in every [thing] by prayer and by petition, with thanksgiving, be letting your* requests be made known to God. (7) And the peace of God, the [peace] surpassing all understanding, will guard [or, protect] your* hearts [fig., inner selves] and your* thoughts in Christ Jesus. (8) [As to] the rest [or, Finally], brothers [and sisters], as many things as are true, as many as [are] worthy of respect [or, honorable], as many as [are] righteous, as many [things] as are pure, as many as [are] acceptable [or, lovely], as many as [are] commendable, if [there is] any virtue [or, moral excellence], and if any[thing] deserving to be praised, be meditating on [or, thinking about] these things.

5 steps to free your mind...

As it says in Proverbs 6 thing does God hate, yea seven are an abomination, so we can say this morning – “4 things will free your mind, yea five will keep your conscience clear!”

There is something very important about having a free mind. I realized this morning a truth I’ve known before, but hadn’t really put much thought to it. If a mind is bound so is the spirit of a person. If the mind is free the person’s spirit will be free soon after. In order to break a person’s spirit you must attack the mind, and what that individual knows to be true. If you can destroy their faith in themselves and others you will soon break their spirit.

If you want to have a great spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ you must have a free mind. A mind that is free of all encumbrances of this life. The cares of this world should have no affect upon you! ( I do realize that the cares of life usually do affect each one of us, but that isn't the way Jesus designed for it to happen. We must be willing and humble enough to believe that Jesus is in control, and he will take care of you!)

  1. Rejoice in the Lord Always.

Remember to keep the joy of the Lord in your heart and mind at all times! “The Joy of the Lord is my strength!” There is something very powerful about joy through it all! One thing that we must remember is that there is a big, very big, difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is an emotion, but joy is a state of mind. Happiness can come or can go in a moment of time, but real joy will be constant through thick or thin. Let me explain it in terms of love. Many people love other people, but it really isn't love. It's an emotional experience because of a chemical connection between two individuals. True Love will stay up all night when your partner or children are sick. True love will love someone no matter what kind of a mess that they get thereselves into. True love will forgive sin not cover sin. True love is there no matter if you have an arguement or fight with your spouse. True love will allow you to stay married for 60+ years. True love does not ride upon emotions, rather it sticks through thick and thin.

In the very same way joy can be your constant companion. Joy because you know that Jesus is your friend and he will be with you no matter what. Joy because you know that your redeemer lives. Joy because you know that you can take everything to him in prayer. Joy be God is good all the time!

  1. Let your considerateness be know to all me.

People need to know how fair, gentle, considerate, and kind you are. We must show the Love of Christ everywhere, for He is coming soon! There is something very special helping other people that takes your mind off of your own problems. Give it a try sometime you might just be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Don’t let the cares of life get you down.

Things are going to happen in life that are really not nice or good. However, it is in your best interest as a child of God to not dwell on these situations. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t think to much about a circumstance. Don’t dwell on the past. Give it all to Jesus!

  1. Give everything to Jesus through prayer and thanksgiving.

Again I say, “Give everything to Jesus!” A merry heart does well like medicine! By giving everything to Jesus and casting all our care upon Him we can keep the Joy of the Lord in our mind!

  1. Keep your thoughts in the right place.

Truth, Honesty, Righteousness, Purity, Love, and Things worthy of talking about should be our top priority to think about!

When you look at a situation look for the virtue and look for what can be praised. I know people who only ever see the good in a situation. This is the proper way to look at life. Don’t worry about the bad and evil. Let each day worry about its evil. Just look to Jesus and find those things that are wonderful!

Result and Conclusion

The Peace of God will be a sentry and guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ! Jesus will help you keep a free mind. It may see difficult at first be the good Lord will help you to become a powerhouse of peace. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Something to Laugh About!

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Our Prayer Family: A List of Prayer Requests

  • Newfoundland & Labrador! That a wave of God's Spirit would flood this great province!
  • Your Neighbors, that Jesus would save their souls!
  • Springdale, Newfoundland: Pray that God's Spirit would awaken souls to their need of salvation and continued spiritual growth. Also, pray that Pastor Fred can teach many Home Bible Studies.
  • Pastor Fred and his family: Pray for Health, Strength, Inspiration, Revival and that God will lead him to many hungry souls
  • The Country You Live in: Pray for Salvation, Revival, Missionaries and the Moving of God's Spirit

Weekly Prayer for A Country on my counter:

Please pray with me for the country that is in focus each week. Thank You and may God richly bless your prayer life.


A Prayer for Canada:

This week Lord Jesus we bring the country of Canada. Let the revival of your Word and Name sweep across this vast dominion. Let all ethnic groups that now call this great land home become hungry for something more, and find YOU! Let the Church arise to become the bastion of Truth that it is meant to be. Let you people become the light and power that spreads your Gospel throughout all this land!
We ask this all in the Name of Jesus Christ -- Amen!