Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ever Wonder where Wonder went?

I was going to write about something totally different, but while we were watching "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" my wife noted something about my son Micah. She said, "He definitely knows wonder," as he ooooed and awed at different scenes in the movie. As I began to ponder on this it occurred to me that many people have lost their "Wonder Bone".

When is the last time you just saw something, whether new, old, common or extraordinary and just was taken by the awe of it? Does water hold any wonder for you? Then take a walk by the ocean sometime and watch the wondrous waves crash, or view the pack us moving and swelling. Does the sky hold any wonder for you? Then look up the next time you hear an airplane passing by, or view the glory of God's handiwork late on a clear night. Do you wonder at the mechanical genius of a vehicle? Then walk this evening for an hour, and imagine how far you could have gone by driving a car or truck. Do you take a phone for granted? Then unplug your telephone and try to communicate with your friends and family; much more difficult isn't it?

In today's growing information and technology age we are quickly becoming immune to the excitement and wonder of new things and especially of the old things. We are so completely inundated and overwhelmed by commercials, bill boards, signs and advertisements that we no longer get excited when we see something new and wonderful!

I often wonder why so many people are no longer interested in learning truth, and discovering the many amazing things in the Bible. Then I realize the we are so consumed with glorious visions and lies we see in Movies that truth no longer looks cool enough to believe!

If only we could stop look around and see the wondrous truth that surrounds us everyday!
The Heavens declare the glory of God!

Families are falling apart every day. Why? Simply because people have lost the wonder of it all! They no longer find joy in the little things of life. Like the fresh smell of coffee in the morning. Or, the sound of bacon and eggs frying. People don't seem to even notice the cute little idiosyncrasies of their spouses any more. When is the last time you told your wife /or husband, that the meal the cooked was extraordinary and thanked them for taking the time to prepare it? When was the last time you volunteered to do the dishes just because your better half could use the break? When was the last time you spent 1/2 an hour playing with your kids and their toys?

The Passion of the little things will keep your world turning, and ensure that you never overlook the wonder and amazement of everything!

Take time to wonder about your family.
Take time to wonder about Jesus and his Story!
Take time to pray and read the wondrous Bible!
Most of All take time to WONDER!

Pastor Fred
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