Thursday, March 13, 2008

Overwhelming Frustration

There are times in our lives when circumstances can pile one upon the other, and we become frustrated and overwhelmed. Let me give you an example:

For just over a week now my wife and my four children have been sick with some kind of flu, and our baby, because of it, hasn't been sleeping only but a couple hours each night. Consequently, both my wife and I have not been getting enough sleep. And we all know what happens when we don't get enough sleep. Our attitude isn't right, our character is out of sorts, tempers can flare very easily, and the whole family can suffer.

It can be very easy to let yourself slip into a state of circumstantial depression, and not allow yourself to deal logically with this type of situation. It is also easy to let yourself get caught up in the emotional strain of the moments. This is when some very unpleasant things can happen.

1. you can loose your temper.
2. you can say things that you don't really mean.
3. you can do something that you really didn't want to do.
4. your words can be easily taken the wrong way.

From my own personal experiences I have found a good way to overcome some of these very unpleasant circumstances.

1. Make some time to get away by yourself, and do something that is calming to you. You are not denying the circumstance is happening, nor are you neglecting to take care of the situation. (Some people would try to just forget that overwhelming things happen, and move on without counquering them, overcoming them, or learning from them.

2. While you are by yourself doing what you like to do and what calms you, let your mind and body relax so that you can look at the circumstances objectively and rationally. ( I play my guitar, sing, make up a song, fiddle with our piano, or play a video game. These are my relaxation activities.)

3. Brace your mind and re-enter your overwhelming circumstances. This time you will encounter them with more peace, control and more ability to do what is right even though the situation is very frustrating.

Of course a bit of prayer, and very passionate long kiss are always beneficial in helping you overcome stress!

Hope this helps,
Pastor Fred
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