Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 88 & 89

Good Morning World!

We've been busy trying to renovate our house, and what a mess that can be!  Drywall, dust and dirt everywhere!  So I apologize for not being on very regularly lately.

Psalm 88
The note in the margin of my Bible says that this Psalm is a prayer for those facing Death.  I am not sure if that is true or not as I wasn't around when it was written, but I can tell that it is for those who are having a bad day and are looking to God for fresh new mercies!

Sometimes life knocks us down and we don't know where to turn, but Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother!  We may feel like we are as good as dead, but Jesus' mercies are new every morning!  We may want to die, but Jesus is our saviour and healer! 

Before you give up, look to Jesus he will take care of you, and help you find the answers you seek!  Trust Jesus Christ and He will direct your path!

Psalm 89
This song of Ethan is a very challenging Psalm.  for 2/3rd's of the song Ethan is praising and worshiping God for His mercy and promises, and then dives into the question that has been driving him the whole time: God have you forsaken us, are you going to bring us out of captivity?  Are you going to remember the promises that you made?

This is interesting because there is no indication in the first 30 odd verses that Ethan is upset or would like to ask God a question.  There is nothing but praise and worship in those first verses!

Too often we get caught up in the questions of life, and we forget that God is still Good all the Time!  It doesn't matter how you feel or what you are going through Jesus loves and cares for you all the time!  The first thing out of our mouth before any questions is praise, worship and thanksgiving!  If we are going to have a great lasting relationship with God our saviour Jesus Christ then we need to learn how to stay in touch with Him!

Yours for Thanksgiving,
Pastor Fred

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 87

Good Morning World!

Computer's as wonderful they are, they are also very disruptive and deceptive.  I know they are only man made machines and can only do what they are told.  Yet, they have many problems!  Really, it isn't the computer per se it is the people on the other side of the internet that are the problem. (Spy-ware, Mal-ware, Root-kits, Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Adware just to name a few of the parasites that bored programmers create in order to amuse themselves.)  Jesus you deal with this mal-contents so that we may freely use these electronic media to spread the gospel.

Psalm 87 (Another Praise Psalm for the sons of Korah)
I find something very interesting, and will detour for a moment to divulge it to you.  Korah was the tribe of Israel that tried to usurp Aaron and Moses's Authority while they were walking around the wilderness.  Because of their rebellion God opened up the mouth of the desert and swallowed a couple of their tents!  Now they are in charge of Praise and Worship.  I wonder how many other Psalms would have been written for and by the sons of Korah, if their father had not rebelled against God's chosen authority!

We may rebel against God's plan for our lives, but God has a way of bringing up back on track eventually.  It doesn't pay to put yourself on a pedestal, for when God takes you off, you have a long way to fall!

Back to our Reading: --

It is interesting to note that I hadn't read the chapter before writing the above comments, and the Psalm indirectly deals with the very topic!  God is really amazing!  The singers are praising the dwelling place and city of God - Zion (aka Jerusalem).  As certain people are known to come from other famous cities, so shall famous men be known to come from Zion.  It is the dwelling place of God - He will establish it, and the singers will sing the praise of God their!

In other words they have learned the value of Authority structure.  One thing people don't understand about an authority structure is that the top person on the pole isn't any better than the person at the bottom, but the chain of command is there to protect everyone.  If used properly the authority structure God has intended for families and societies would create a peace and understand in this world that has never been seen!

Let us join the singers from the tribe of Korah and extol the wonderful name, dwelling and authority of Jesus our saviour and lord!

Yours for authority and worship!

Pastor Fred

Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 86

Good Morning World!
(Please note we have a new look, hope you enjoy!)

It will soon be time for a new computer.  My main computer is about 4 years old this month and is very over used!  Now my Operating System Key will not work, and the OS doesn't seem to want to re install!  Windows 7 here I come.  (Hope that is a good thing!)  Took 10 viruses off my laptop because of software I downloaded trying to fix my computer!  People just don't get the principle of compassion and sharing!  They always have to add something bad to something good!  I am glad I serve a God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to deliver!

Psalm 86
We are starting to get back to David's writings, and this one is full of goodness.  There is so much in this song that we could spend many days learning from its instruction and prayer style, however I think that one verse will suffice for today.
Verse 11 "Teach me your way, O LORD; I will walk in your truth: unite my heart to fear your name."

This is amazing!
  1. First, David is asking for instruction.  Instruction from God for life, in his situation & spiritual.  
  2. Second, David is declaring his intentions; To walk in the truth that God gives him during his time of instruction.  It is one thing to ask of God, but it is quite another thing to declare to God your absolute intention of following His Words once received.  Many people have asked God for things, and even made a bargain with God, but few actually keep their word!
  3. Third, I really like this, David asks God to unite his heart for the purpose of fearing only God and His awesome powerful Name!  Too, often we are torn between too many things in life, and we really don't have a focused heart or mind on any one thing.  We need to reclaim our lives, our focus, our heart and our mind so that we can fully focus on one thing - Jesus our Lord and Saviour.  Time is getting short, and we must work while it is day, but we must work as to God and not to man.  Therefore, we can still live our lives to for the most part and still be completely focused on Jesus!
All of this truth comes from just one verse of this amazing song!  Please read more and you will find great truth on every turn!

Yours for Truth, and Following the Instruction of God,
Pastor Fred

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 85

Good Morning World!
We had a wonderful time with Bro. Billy Hughey.  This evangelist from Missouri is a very charismatic and outgoing person.  He believes very strongly in compelling visitors to come, and this is much appreciated in a world where complacency is rampant. Thank you Bro. Hughey for helping us meet 5 new people!

Psalm 85
This song of praise for the sons of Korah is another song about God's grace mercy and love, but it is also a song of warning and a challenge to God's people.  We love the mercy and grace of God!  However, it isn't so easy sometimes to not turn back to our old ways.  The purpose of God's grace and mercy isn't so we can continue in sin, but rather to show us that there is a way better than sin.  God loves us and brings us out of our captivity and bondage so we can be free and live in His kingdom of righteousness, not so we can turn around and run right back to our chains and put them on!

Too often people experience the mercy and grace of the Almighty, and they accept it.  Then, in a short time they turn around and give God his mercy and grace back as if it wasn't good enough!  We must learn to get over our petty lusts, and trust in the Holy Ghost; the spirit of Jesus Christ!  Life is too short to waste ones salvation on repeat grace fixes!

Yours for a relationship with Jesus after grace!

Pastor Fred

Friday, June 04, 2010

Daily Bible Reading - Psalm 84

Good Morning World!

I am so excited about what God is doing!  We had four visitors in our first revival service!  We are expecting great and wonderful things!  Our theme is, "My God Can Do Anything!"  Did you know that the wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ can do anything!  He can mend the broken hearted.  He can heal the sick brow.  He can deliver the addict and afflicted!  My God can do Anything!

Psalm 84
(Written for the singing sons of Korah)
We now enter a section of the song book that is written specifically for the praise singers.  If you attend a church that is blessed to have a group of praise singers that help lead in worship then these songs would be for them to sing.

Worship and Praise are very powerful.  They are instruments into the realm of the spirit, and connect our spirit with the spirit of God.  Jesus so loves the praises of His people that He pays close attention when we lift up our voices in order to bring Him glory.  In this Psalm we are praising the dwelling place of God, and His blessings upon His people who walk uprightly.  Corinthians tells us, "Know ye not that you body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost?"  In the old testament we have record of a grand building built in honor of God of gods, the Lord Almighty.  Today Jehovah of the Old Testament, or Jesus Christ of the New Testament desires to dwell within His people.  We no longer have a beautiful gold encrusted temple, but we have the humble, yielded, submitted bodies and lives that we live.  This sacrifice is greater than any bull or goat that we can give!
So we raise our voices together and Praise the God of glory for He is good and His mercy endureth for ever!

Yours for Praise and Worship,
Pastor Fred

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Daily Bible Reading - Psalm 83

Good Morning World!

My God can do anything!  It's amazing what can happen when we truly put our lives in the Master's hands.  God is so Good!

This chapter this morning really is special, because it fits in with our revival services theme, "My God Can Do Any Thing!"  When God lays something on a heart it is amazing how He will bring things into the light to help you understand what He really wants.

Psalm 83  (This seems to be the last Psalm by Asaph, but he certainly left one of the best for last.)

This is a call from the people of God to God.  This is a call for action, for revival and vengeance.  Why?  Why, should the people of God feel the need to be so aggressive?  War.  The battle for their families, worship, land, homes and churches is laying claim to too many lives.  The people of God are calling for retribution on those who have destroyed and schemed against them.

Even though this is a very old scripture about a people who had many war problems the same thing still happens everyday around the world.  It happens, but most will never notice.  People don't recognize the fact that the world of sin is apart of many if not most congregations around the globe.  The people of God are being over run by lust, pleasure, greed and hate.  The Church is dying a slow painful death, and we must wake up before it is too late to rescue.

It's like never going to the doctor when you know your sick, but your just don't want to find out what the problem is.  Finally, you go because you're coughing up blood or you can't walk, and the doctor says, "If I had seen you 3 months ago we could have saved you.  Now it is too late and you only have a couple months to live!"  Now how do you feel?  Like a complete idiot for hiding behind your fear!  You could have lived, but now you are a walking corps.

We the Church, the people of God, but cry out to Him with our whole heart, and declare that we are not going to surrender, and we are going to war through prayer, fasting, and intersession.  As verses 16-18 say: "Fill their face with shame; that they may seek your name, O Lord. Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea let them be put to shame, and perish: that men may know that you, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth."

We must not let the subtle wickedness of this world and age lull us to sleep and our doom.  We must stand up and fight with the Word of God and prayer!  No, this is not a call to arms and physical punishment.  Yes, this is a call to global awakening and revival of the soul and spirit.  Too long have we allowed the lust of our flesh dictate our actions.  We must no longer follow our lust, but we must follow the Spirit of the most High God, Jesus Christ our Saviour!  We must let the whole world know that Jesus is the Lord, and His sacrifice will save and deliver all from the pains of sin, death, addiction, sickness and disease.

Yours for revival, because My God CAN Do Anything!
Pastor Fred

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Daily Bible Reading - Psalm 82

Good Morning World,

I would like to share a story of a treasure I found yesterday.  It is very exciting to me, and may mean nothing to you, but nonetheless this testimony will be heard!

I've been looking for an Amplified Bible for many years to assist in my biblical and spiritual studies, and could never find or buy one as they are very expensive.  Yesterday, I was in Gander, Newfoundland rummaging around the town wasting time while a friend was in the hospital with her son getting his arm re-broken and re-set.  A very long process.

I was looking for a small cafe, which I didn't find for a couple more hours, and happened upon the Gander Mall. In this mall is a used book store that is called "The Book Worm".  While perusing the walls of books I found a 1971 version of the Amplified Bible, and it was only priced for $10.00!  What a find! What a treasure!  Thank God for small miracles! (and Big Ones - just depends on which way you look at it!)  I am very excited and know that this new addition to my library will be a great asset for my future studies, and to those who hear the word that God gives me to preach....  Thank You Jesus!

Psalm 82
This is a very short but powerful Song of God's greatness and instruction to His people.

First and foremost our God, The Almighty, stands in the midst of His people and judges.  He is watching.  He is weighing the spirits of mankind.  He is deciding our fate.  Amidst this watching, judging and weighing God has some instruction and direction for His people to take.

1. Do Not Judge others unjustly.
2. Do Not accept the wicked into places of authority. (or anyplace for that matter)
3. Defend the Poor and Fatherless.
4. Do justice for and to the Afflicted and Needy.
5. Deliver the Poor and Needy. Help them get out of the hand of the wicked who would use them.

Yet, God is not convinced that we will follow His direction, guidance or leadership.  It is a sad day when the people that claim to be on God's side will not follow Him.  Too often I see the "people" of God destroying His reputation, love and mercy by being liars, prejudiced, stealers, harlots to this world and so much more!

This is a call to listen to the voice of God calling, directing, leading!  We must follow our Saviour into Battle and bring Salvation to the lost masses of this World - lost Christian and Sinner alike!

Yours for obedience,

Pastor Fred

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