Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 87

Good Morning World!

Computer's as wonderful they are, they are also very disruptive and deceptive.  I know they are only man made machines and can only do what they are told.  Yet, they have many problems!  Really, it isn't the computer per se it is the people on the other side of the internet that are the problem. (Spy-ware, Mal-ware, Root-kits, Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Adware just to name a few of the parasites that bored programmers create in order to amuse themselves.)  Jesus you deal with this mal-contents so that we may freely use these electronic media to spread the gospel.

Psalm 87 (Another Praise Psalm for the sons of Korah)
I find something very interesting, and will detour for a moment to divulge it to you.  Korah was the tribe of Israel that tried to usurp Aaron and Moses's Authority while they were walking around the wilderness.  Because of their rebellion God opened up the mouth of the desert and swallowed a couple of their tents!  Now they are in charge of Praise and Worship.  I wonder how many other Psalms would have been written for and by the sons of Korah, if their father had not rebelled against God's chosen authority!

We may rebel against God's plan for our lives, but God has a way of bringing up back on track eventually.  It doesn't pay to put yourself on a pedestal, for when God takes you off, you have a long way to fall!

Back to our Reading: --

It is interesting to note that I hadn't read the chapter before writing the above comments, and the Psalm indirectly deals with the very topic!  God is really amazing!  The singers are praising the dwelling place and city of God - Zion (aka Jerusalem).  As certain people are known to come from other famous cities, so shall famous men be known to come from Zion.  It is the dwelling place of God - He will establish it, and the singers will sing the praise of God their!

In other words they have learned the value of Authority structure.  One thing people don't understand about an authority structure is that the top person on the pole isn't any better than the person at the bottom, but the chain of command is there to protect everyone.  If used properly the authority structure God has intended for families and societies would create a peace and understand in this world that has never been seen!

Let us join the singers from the tribe of Korah and extol the wonderful name, dwelling and authority of Jesus our saviour and lord!

Yours for authority and worship!

Pastor Fred

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