Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 40 - 41

Good Morning World, and Happy New Year's Eve!  May the Lord richly bless you.  May His light shine upon you and light your path.  May you have a new relationship with Jesus, and see what God and really be to you!

Thank you for helping this blog reach over 3800 souls and over 150 countries!  I can't what to see over 4000 souls and more!  Stick around and see what God is going to do!

Psalm 40

David is again describing the trials and tribulations of life.  Knowing this gives me hope!  The knowing that the man after God's own heart had good days and bad days.  He had ups and downs.  He felt small, poor and needy even though he became king of Israel.  This gives me hope and comfort!  Why, you ask?  Because, when I have my ups, downs, ins and outs I too can still trust in my maker and know that He is there to show his great grace and mercy through me!  Don't ever feel too low.  Don't ever let your emotions take you to the edge of destruction.  Be like David and let your spirit cry out.  You will soon see the mercy and love of Jesus enveloping you and giving you peace in your storm!  Let your enemies be ashamed and desolate!  Let your spirit rejoice because it trusted in and sought after Jesus!

Psalm 41

Let the first statement of this chapter be our New Year's resolution, "Blessed is he that considers the poor!"
Don't worry about losing weight -- you'll do that when your are ready.
Don't worry about relationships -- that will happen in time.
Don't worry about your bad habits -- you'll stop them when you are fed up with yourself.
NO, this year do one thing; consider the poor!  There is such great blessing when we look beyond ourselves and reach into the life of someone who is needy.  Everyone has a need.  You can find them on your street.  They could be your neighbor.  There is no better why to show the love of God than by helping someone who is poor and destitute.  In this tough economic time when many millions of people are out of work it is time for God's people to rise up and help the poor.

Am I poor?  In today's standards -- YES!  I've never made enough money in a year to bring me over the national poverty level.  Am I blessed?  In God's economy -- YES!  I have less than many, and more than most.  I am blessed!  God is good to me, and I want to show that goodness to someone else!

This year find a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or someone unemployed and help them.  It may not be much, but Jesus will multiply your efforts!  May be that is the point of the miracle of the fishes and loaves.  Little is much when God is in it!

Are you having trouble making ends meet?  So am I!  Yet, when we help the needy God not only supply's our needs but also the needs of others!  It is amazing!  I dare you to try, and see how God blesses you!

Yours for a great New Year in Jesus
Pastor Fred

Famous Last Words!

Have you ever been asked to do something, and the person in need ends their plea with, "It'll only take a couple of minutes!"

Famous Last Words!
An hour later you're wondering where the couple minutes went.

Has anyone ever asked, "Could you come over I have a couple questions?"

Famous Last Words!
An hour and a half later you're wondering why you are behind schedule!

It I was to describe yesterday that would be the phrase I'd have to use. Having said that, I can't complain. We still managed to get our work done, and God is still Good All the Time!

Next time you have a Famous Last Words kind of day, just remember Jesus is still in control and He is still Good no matte how your day actually goes!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily Devotion & Bible Reading -- Psalm 38 - 39

Good Morning and Happy New Year! (Almost!)

I pray and trust that you've all had a bless Christmas Season, and that the Spirit of the Almighty has reached His had into your life. Remember that Jesus is always available, and He is ready to answer your cry for help in these unsettling times.

This has been a very interesting, blessed and busy time for us. As mentioned a few days ago, we have been blessed with a new business, and now the hard work begins as we prepare a new store, move the old to the new, and still finish all the other seasonal work that is required. Many long days and short nights are foreseen ahead!

We were also blessed with seeing some of my family who we haven't seen in 10 years! Some more in about 8 years! It was fun, interesting and wonderful to renew family connections, especially ones that you may never get a chance to see again. Reminiscing about the past, giving nostalgic gifts, and dreaming of the future are all part of meeting old family ties. It was wonderful! I was even able to minister the gospel to them through clowning and preaching, which was something of interest all in itself! Thank God for this Christmas. Many memories that should never be forgotten! We also ended up in the hospital with our little boy Benjamin, who had a reaction to some dogs, along with some congestion had trouble breathing and ended on a ventalin mask. 3 times. It all worked out, and we were prescribed a puffer. Since being home he hasn't had a problem. We will definitely need to be careful around dogs in the future.

Daily Devotion -- December 28, 2009
Psalm 38 -- 39
(Try to catch up a little from the holidays)

Both of these chapters deal with personal sin. First we have a great chapter of repentance something we should make a practice of on a regular basis. Repentance is very important to good spiritual health, and will keep your mind clean and at ease. Repentance is also a sure way to stay in contact with Jesus, and will allow His Spirit to work in us more effectively.

Second David is concerned about his spiritual tendencies. He feels very upset that he is full of vanity and sin. Even though he vowed not to sin, and to bridle his mouth it seems he had much trouble. This caused him much internal turmoil, and instead of completely closing up, he turned to God, and poured out his heart. This is a great point and shows us that we need to release our problems to God. If you ever find yourself internalizing because of your problems find a secluded place and release your thoughts and problems vocally to God. The will help cleanse your spirit, and keep you in contact with Jesus who is the ultimate problem solver!

Keep your eyes on Jesus and don't lose faith!

Yours for a renewed relationship with Jesus,
Pastor Fred

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 37

Merry Tibbs Eve World! (A Newfoundland Tradition - The Eve of Christmas Eve!)

May the Good Lord shine His light upon you and direct your steps and heart this holiday season.

December 23, 2009
Psalm 37

This is another Psalm of David that talks about the age old fight between Good and Evil. Herein, is describe the fact that the righteous must have patience, mercy and love in the face of the evil and wicked ways of worldly people. Don't fret or worry about their actions, too much. Pray. Yes, Pray desperately for their salvation, but don't fret about the condition they are in. Sooner or later they will be gone and the righteous will be left!

Trust in the Lord and he will direct your paths! Commit your plans and ways into His care and He will bring them to pass!

The key is patience, mercy, love and trust. So, often we trust in our own schemes, and they fail. Why not try the God of the Universe today and let Him work out the fine print. He does such a great job and working out details. Just look at nature around you!

This Christmas season take time to have a conversation with Jesus about your life, and the direction it is taking. You'll not be sorry!

Yours for Trust, Love, Patience and Mercy,
Pastor Fred

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 36

Good Morning and Merry Christmas World! From the "True North Strong and Free" to the south of Chile, From the north of Siberia to the Cape of Good Hope, From the Philippines to the outback of Queensland, From the North Pole to the Antarctic may the Joy of this blessed season wash over you, and the Peace of Jesus Christ comfort you!

December 22, 2009
Psalm 36

Sometimes we forget that we live in a wicked world. The everyday grind makes us immune to the chaos around us. David thought he lived in a wicked world. I wonder what he would say about the generation we live in today?

Still through all the wickedness and crap this world has in it God is still Good All the Time. His word is forever settled in heaven, and He really is in control. He is great in righteousness, mercy and loving kindness. He will take care of all those who put their trust in Him, and He will take care of all those who don't put their trust in Him.

So often we forget to look beyond our little comfort zone. We live a selfish life that consists of all our immediate needs. That is why politicians and country leaders have such a difficult job, because people never want to look at the big picture. This Christmas season, however, you celebrate or don't remember to look beyond your comfort zone and show some love and kindness to someone else!

Merry Christmas!
Pastor Fred

Monday, December 21, 2009

Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 35

Good Morning World!

What a wonderful and interesting weekend we had. The hope of God's amazing blessings abound! A friend and I went to Grand Fall's to buy a few gifts for our wives that we couldn't find in town, and at our first stop the rear window of my van blew out when we shut our doors! It was completely shocking. Being Saturday we couldn't find any place that could help. LORD willing (in Jesus' Name), our local glass shop will be able to fix it at a "Christmas Deal".

Then this morning reading Psalm 35, I am again completely amazed at God's ability to give us a scripture for our circumstance! Have you ever felt persecuted, misused, treated badly, backed into a corner? Then this chapter is for you! Jesus is our great and righteous judge, and it behooves us to cry out to Him for judgement! Our case is being set up by the enemy, and we see it so we must call for a miss trial and put the blame back on the enemy. We must cry out for the mercy of God, and see what blessing He has in store.

Just one more thought before we sign off. The only way the Jesus can give us a blessing is if something bad happens first! The only way Jesus can heal us is if we first get sick! The only way Jesus can raise the dead is if first we die! So, don't get all twisted in knots just because something bad happens. It may just be Jesus getting ready to bless you with showers from heaven!

Yours for Christ's righteous Judgement,
Pastor Fred

Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 34

Good Morning Snowy World!
When I went cleaning this morning I was greeted with a wonderful layer of soft powdery snow! As it is still coming down I'd say we are in for a few inches or more. I really like this kind of snow. It's easy to shovel for one thing, and it quickly covers up the dirty fall ground. This gives one a sense of purity, and that is exactly what Jesus and His righteousness does for us! It covers us so others can't see what a great big job of cleaning Jesus is doing on the inside! Thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit working in us and through us!

December 18, 2009 (Church Christmas Party Day!)
Psalm 34

Another wonderful Psalm that reminds us about the blessing of "Fearing the Lord." I don't mean that we are scared of Him. Rather, we are completely yielded, trusting, reverent, and in love with Him. "The Fear of the Lord" is a big part of being a true follower of Jesus Christ. It is what keeps us on the straight and narrow. It is what teaches right from wrong. It is what gives us the courage to help the weary strangers. It is what protects us during our travels. "The Fear of the Lord" is something we ought to always be trying to teach our children, for it will give them great wisdom as the mature into adults. The Scripture does say, "The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom!" So, if you are not feeling very wise these days and are facing some life changing decisions remember to put your trust in the Lord and fear Him. He will direct you down the right path!

Yours in the Fear of the Lord,
Pastor Fred

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 33

Good Morning world!

I pray that this season, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, becomes a beacon of hope and peace in your life!

December 17, 2009
Psalm 33

This chapter is all about the blessing of praise and worship. This morning when I finished cleaning at one of my contracts around 6:30am I noticed the clouds had gone. I just stopped in the silence of the morning and looked up and the glory of the starry heavens. Truly the heavens declare the glory of God. All I could do was worship for a moment there in the parking lot.

I get this same feel when I read this chapter. It's as if David is having a moment of stillness in a life of turmoil. He's caught a glimpse of God's glory and just can't hold it in!

Yours for Worship,
Pastor Fred

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daily Bible Reading - Psalm 32

Good Morning World! It's another mild day in Springdale, Newfoundland, and will probably rain a bit today, and then snow the rest of the week! No complaints though, this is winter in paradise!

I've recently started using as my home page, and the many gadgets available do make my mornings a little easier. For example this post is being sent right from the (my account) home page. Oh, how technology has advanced since the 80's!

Now for the days scripture...
December 16, 2009
Psalm 32

This chapter is all about a time in David's life when he made a mistake, and needs consolation from God.

One thing I notice right away is the beginning and end are all about praising the fact the God is righteous, merciful and compassionate to those who are willing to avail of His goodness! David had been sulking, crying and generally having a pity party. (If you don't believe me just read the chapter, and you'll soon see that he was an emotional wreck over what he did.)

Next we see that David and God are having a conversation, and God is instructing David how to avail of the mercy and compassion. There is something special about listening and conversing to your maker! Jesus really does care about you that much that he is willing to take time to talk to you! Open your heart, mind and Bible and listen to the voice of the Spirit.

Yours for a forgiving relationship with Jesus,
Pastor Fred

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Bible Reading - Psalm 31

Good Morning World!
Well, I'm back. It's been a crazy weekend, and something really amazing happened! But, first let me shout! "God Is Good All The Time!"

I've been working on buying a business (a local office supply and print shop) for the past few months, and Friday was the day that our local Community Business Development Corporation had their meeting to see if they would fund this venture. I we waited almost impatiently all weekend, and when I called in on Monday morning the news was exciting! They accepted our proposal and granted us our loan! It is so wonderful when God's people work together with God to accomplish his will! I will keep you updated as to how God bless us through this business, and how we will be able to bless the Church and community!

Now to our Bible Reading.....
December 15, 2009
Psalm 31

It is amazing how the Word of God fits into our lives perfectly. Especially if we will yield ourselves to Jesus and let Him guide our every step! This chapter completely encompasses everything I went through this past few months.

We must put our trust in Jesus and let Him do His will in our lives! When we surrender to His will and learn to follow the prompting of the Spirit He will lead us into much blessing!

We will have to work hard, and may have some sleepless night, but the Will of God is the best place to put yourself. It will give you peace, joy and contentment! What could be better than that!

Yours for Trusting in Jesus
Pastor Fred

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 30

Good Morning World! I don't know about your wind today, but ours has a feeling of snow. I hope and pray that your weather is good and that no one will be harmed in any storm to come this Christmas Season.

December 10, 2009
Psalm 30

This morning I would like to talk about the attitude that I felt came across, while reading this conversation between David and God. It wasn't so much what I read and how it made me feel.
We all have moments when we feel invincible. We are in control. Everything is going our way. We are on top of the world. David said it like this, "I shall not be moved." We are so fickle and vain sometimes that when everything is going our way we can no longer see the big picture. We forget from whence we came, and we become emboldened by our good fortune.

David seems to be showing us that we will all have ups and downs in life. There will be times when we feel vulnerable, and times when nothing can move us. The main thing we need to remember and focus on throughout our entire life, and through every circumstance is that we are made to worship Jesus our Lord and Saviour!

Today you may feel like your the main man or woman - worship Jesus anyway!
Tomorrow you may feel like you are at the bottom of the barrel - worship Jesus anyway!

We are His creation, and He will take care of us, so don't fret over the things of today. Rather, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be add unto you!

Your for a day of Worship,
Pastor Fred

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 29

Good Morning World! A special shout out to all the cities in our visiting souls ticker! A special shout out to South Africa! We have seen over 200 visitors from your fair land! May God bless you all!

Remember, God is good All the time!

December 9, 2009
Psalm 29

I have studied the "beauty of Holiness" issue a number of times during my time as a Christian and Pastor. There are many different thoughts, and ideas on how it all works, and yet this morning when reading this chapter again a different thought occurred to me.

"What if the beauty part of this holiness issue is a complete transparency between you and Jesus?"

Now that would be beautiful! Imagine a time of worship where you and Jesus have no secrets, no cares, no worries, no problems. There is only trust, faith, fellowship, love and communication. that my friend would be beautiful!

If we would let our inhibition, fears, failures, past, and chains be stripped from us by the Holy Spirit. If we would get over ourselves, and not be concerned about what other people will think of us. If we would just worship Jesus with absolute honesty and transparency. This worship would be a work of beauty in true holiness!

How do we get holiness? First we must realize that we are nothing, and that our righteousness if as filthy rags. Then we must go to the source of all true holiness - Jesus our Lord and Saviour. His Spirit must live inside of us, work through us, and be visible in our actions, words and lifestyle. This is the only way to have any possibility of true holiness.

Mix an experience with the Holy Spirit with true honesty and transparency and you will have a recipe for something of true beauty!

Yours for true beauty and true holiness!
Pastor Fred

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 28

Good Morning World! I hope you find yourself well on this brisk morning.

December 8, 2009
Psalm 28

There is much praise and worship in this chapter as per usual for David the Psalmist, however, I would like to note a few verses that are so much about praise, but rather letting God be God.

As a follower of Jesus Christ and a Child of God we should know that God takes care of us. We should also know that God will take care of us more so when we stop worrying about our circumstances and start letting God worry about it. Scripture says it this way: "Casting all your care upon Him for he cares for you."

One thing we don't do, which David did very well in this chapter is give this enemies circumstances to God. So many times we try to take matters into our own hands, and deal with the enemies personally. This should not be! If God can take care of you, don't you think He can also take care of, and reward your enemy for his deeds? Stop trying to control everything in your life. Stop trying to get even with those who hurt you. Rather, get yourself to a prayer closet and pray yourself into a frame of mind that can forgive your enemy, and let God handle the rest! "Vengeance is mine, Sayeth the Lord, I will repay!"

Don't let what your enemy is doing get you all twisted in a knot. Give it to Jesus! Just think of the song "What a Friend we have in Jesus". We often forfeit much peace because we don't give it all to Jesus!

Have a blessed forgiving day!
Pastor Fred

Monday, December 07, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 26 & 27

Greetings World, Brothers and Sisters in this fine December morning! God Is Good All the Time!

Another busy weekend, that the good Lord brought us through. Clowning, Power Hour, Sunday Service, Senior Home Service and some over-time work at the day job made for another weekend I didn't get to stay home much and be with the family. Albeit, Ethan my oldest, spent Sunday afternoon with me making my rounds. That was nice.

That said, here is both Psalm 26 & 27 thoughts from Sunday and Monday.

December 6, 2009
Psalm 26

This is an interesting Psalm, because it provokes an idea that isn't often discussed in Christian circles. What thought is that? Well, if you would read this chapter you'll find out that David is having a discussion with God about his righteousness. (That is David's righteousness) We always preach that we don't have any righteousness, and should never claim to have any. Yet, David is blatantly declaring that he is innocence.

I think that there may be a reason behind David's self assurance of salvation. He knew his relationship with God was genuine, and that he was living according to the laws of God. Therefore, he felt justified saying that he was innocent and righteous. At the same time it would seem that David found himself in a situation that he felt wasn't justified as he was following the will of God.

See, there are times in our lives when things happen that we just don't understand, and feel are just not right. It is during these times that we begin to question God and orate about our own goodness. Yet, the whole time God is just trying to teach us a simple lesson if we would only stop and take time to learn it.

Finally, I like what David says in the last verse, "My foot stands in an even place: in the congregations will I bless the Lord!" In other words David found his true source of innocence and righteousness - the Lord his God!

December 7, 2009
Psalm 27

Here we have another Psalm of praise and trust. It is a wonderful thing to trust, and know without the shadow of a doubt that you will be taken care of! It can be difficult to trust people at times, but let me assure you that Jesus is someone who can be trusted. Not only can you trust Jesus with your salvation, but you can also trust Him with your life! David understood the value of trust, and leaned on God on every occasion. (Please note that on the rare occasion David didn't lean on God he regretted it for the rest of his life!) When we learn to completely trust in God He will hide us in the secret place of His Pavilion and no one will find or harm you!

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Fred

Friday, December 04, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 25

Good Morning World! Good Morning Brothers and Sisters! May the Lord of Peace lead and guide you today!

December 4, 2009

Psalm 25

Another common Psalm, which has a couple verses put to music. Yet while reading a couple of different verses caught my attention.

Vs. 10 -- This is another verse that describes God's relationship with mankind. All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth! And, oh, wouldn't we love to stop reading right there! So, often we read only those parts that we want to, or that make us feel good. Yet, if we would finish the verse a door of understanding would be opened to us.

"...unto those who keep his covenant and his testimonies!"

This is the part we don't want to read! We don't want to have to follow someone else's ideals or rules and commands, but if we truly love and follow Jesus Christ, and have His Spirit within us we will not begrudge this. We will want to follow and obey!

Vs. 14 -- "The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will show then his covenant." This verse explains vs 10 in part. If we want to know how to follow the covenant of Jesus then we need to love, obey, reverence, serve and follow Him. He is a loving and gracious God, and will lead and guide us into all truth!

May your day be blessed, and may you love and serve Jesus always!

Pastor Fred

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 23 & 24

Good Morning World! Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Yesterday was our first real snow day! Over 30 cm or 12 inches of snow fell in the night! We've had a few dustings of snow this fall, however, it has been relatively mild, and then the barometer flipped upside down and the cold wind blew down from the north!

Needless to say my morning yesterday was a little cramped for time, so I am going to include yesterdays reading with this mornings. God Bless.

December 2 & 3 2009

Psalm 23

As this is commonly called the Shepherd Psalm one can't help but feel extra secure after reading this chapter. Just knowing that Jesus is our shepherd watching out for us, and directing our path is a great comfort! Sometimes I wonder why I'm travelling the road that I'm on, but when I look back and see the blessing I've gained and the curses I've missed all I can do is praise Him!
Trust in Jesus and rest in His unchanging, unfailing arms!

Psalm 24

We've all heard songs taken from this chapter, and what a great worship song this Psalm makes! How well it goes with Psalm 23 too! Who better to be our shepherd than the one who owns the whole earth? Here we have another illustration of God's greatness and expectations of humanity. The question is raised as to how it will be possible to get into the presence of the Almighty, not just where we are, but rather where He is. The answer is very instructive: Those who have clean hands (don't sin outwardly), a clean heart (don't sin inwardly), no arrogance or pride, nor someone who has deceived another. A person with this resume will be a direct recipient of God's favor and blessings!

My next and final point is to ask another question. Who is able to attain to this tall order? The answer is very simple - NO ONE! That is why again I say - Look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith! Without Him we are nothing, and can do nothing good. However, with and in Christ we can do all things!

I can be sinless inside and out through the salvation that Jesus Christ offers! I can live above the curse of sin through the infilling of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ living within me! I can overcome all sin that would come against me through the Name Of Jesus Christ that was put on me in Baptism when my sins were remitted!

If you would like to find this same peace and joy please call on Jesus today! If you need some spiritual guidance please email or call!

Have a great day!

Pastor Fred

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 22

Good Morning World! God is Great and Greatly to be Praised!

December 1, 2009
Psalm 22

What a fitting Psalm to read on the first day of advent! I realize it doesn't have anything to do with the birth of the Saviour but it does have everything to do with the reason he came, and the purpose that he was born - His death and resurrection.

I wonder how Jehovah put this song in David's heart and soul,
because as a song writer myself I know that a truly affective song comes from experience. Maybe, God put the same feelings upon David that Christ would have over 2,000 years later. Using this thought process leads me to another conclusion. When we go through a dark time in our life is God allowing us to feel what Jesus felt, so we can better understand the victory that He fought for on Calvary? If you'll notice most of the chapter is the despair of a broken soul. Yet, in the end there is nothing but rejoicing at the salvation of the Lord! There is an anthem that all people will praise God for what Christ Jesus went through!

The next time you find yourself in a dark place pick of the scriptures, read Psalm 22 and rejoice because God has given you an opportunity to feel a little piece of what Jesus went through for your sins!

Yours for victory over sin!
Pastor Fred

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