Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Endurance - Do you have what it takes?

Good Morning World!
This morning while cleaning one of the college classrooms I noticed a textbook opened to a story about Sir Ernest Shackleton a heroic explorer of the Antarctic.  What caught my attention wasn't his heroic feats as much as some interesting seemingly unimportant details.

On one of the expeditions he used a ship called the Polaris of great craftsmanship,  however, he changed the name to Endurance which was based on the family motto: Through endurance we will Conquer. This to me was the most important element of the whole heroic event!  Why?  Because it shows what was in the man.  Through endurance he was able to keep ALL of his crew alive in the Antarctic after a terrible shipwreck in the ice.  Not many people can say that they have what it takes to endure through such hardship and turmoil!

The scripture tells us that Jesus said these words: "He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved!" Do you have what it takes?  This can be a hard life, and believing in Jesus Christ and living by His principles can be difficult at the best of times.  Not because it is difficult to follow Jesus and His ways, but because people in this world don't understand why we do what we do.  It is a lack of understanding in the unknown and fear that causes people to treat those of us who try to live a righteous, God filled life in a not so pleasant manner.

It takes a great deal of intestinal fortitude and endurance to keep your tack, and not turn back.  We must not let the negativity of this world beat our convictions down.  Don't let the majority tell you that you are wrong, just because they don't understand your point of view.  Endure the cross as Jesus did, and one day you will find that it leads to a glorious salvation! Keep the faith and don't look back!

Yours for Christ,
Pastor Fred

Monday, October 29, 2012

Are your batteries being charged?

Good Morning World!

Last night before bed, as per usual, I made sure my cell phone was plugged in.  I usually plug it into my computer as most nights I leave it on, however, last night to save some energy and give the machine are rest I  turned off my tower.  The thought crossed my mind that my phone probably wouldn't charge, but thought I'd try anyway.  Sure enough this morning I still needed to charge the battery.  This brought another thought to my mind!

Too, often we go through our day without ever taking time to rest, relax, read, pray or meditate.  All these activities if done in a proper productive manner will help to recharge our batteries.  We feel that just sitting in front of the TV for a couple hours in the evening will relax us.  Not so my friend.  I've watched my share of movies before bed, and I have found that it never really relaxes the mind or body. 

We must find activities that we find relaxing.  Go for a walk in the woods.  Go for a ride on an ATV in the wilderness.  Bake a cake. Take a nap. Read a book. Pray.  

No getting more to the point, We also tend to forget, when we get busy to plug into our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Just because we say that we are a Christian, doesn't mean that we are automatically and continuously connected to His unlimited power.  No, the fact remains that we MUST take time every day to pray and get connected to His presence.  We MUST read His word every day to stay connected with what pleases Him.  Just because we leave the plug in doesn't mean any juice is flowing!  You must turn the switch on!

Have a great day!
Yours for Christ
Pastor Fred

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Please God: Part 1

Over the past few weeks I have been studying and teaching on the value of Pleasing God.  In the next couple of lessons I will be showing us how to please God!

How to Please God: Part 1

Heb 11:6  But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Pastor Fred's Transliteration:
When we are separated from persuasion and conviction (faith) in God we are weak and unable (impossible) to please Him: for anyone that approaches to worship God must understand it is necessary to have faith in the credibility (believe) that He is (exists), and  He is a rewarder (pays the wages of) of those who seek out, investigate and search for (in a Hebraism - with an attitude for worship) HIM.

1. We must find a way to be persuaded that He Exists.
2. We must find a means of conviction that He Exists.

1. I am persuaded that God exists from my upbringing and my own personal studies.  Also, nature shows me that there is a God who is a magnificent creator.
2. I am convinced and convicted beyond doubt that God exists because of my own personal experience.  A. God Healed me of Epilepsy  B. God Healed many other people that I saw being healed.  C. God filled me with His presence, and I know that He lives within me.

3. Rom 10:17  So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 
    A. We must be willing to hear and listen to a Word from God.  This is something that speaks to you about a matter or topic in your life.  That is the reason for the preacher; to bring life into your life for a specific purpose or reason.  The preacher is a guide to lead you the Jesus Christ the Saviour, but he is not a professor to fill you with all the knowledge of God instantly.  You can't handle all of God!  The preacher gives you a word today, and another tomorrow and so on until you come to the knowledge of Christ.  That is why faith is so important!  We must have faith in Jesus that the word we received today will take us through until we receive the next word!

4. Without this kind of faith our spirit is weak and we are unable to do those things that please God.
Rom 8:5-8  For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.  (6)  For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.  (7)  Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.  (8)  So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

The Carnal mind of mankind is so separated from God's ways that we can't even imagine them, and without even realizing what we are doing go to war against the ways of God.  (No matter how good we think we are we just can't understand God from man's point of view.)

5. There is one thing that we must understand!
God will always reward those who seek Him out!  He will always reveal Himself to you if you are willing to find Him.

Jas 4:8  Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. 

Whenever we begin to get close to God He is always near to you and waiting for you to open your heart!

Mat 7:7  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 
Rev 3:20  Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. 

Jesus is always near to anyone if we will just seek Him!

6. We must believe that He exists!
The starting point of any journey is belief that you are going to reach your destination!  We must have a basic understanding that God is out there!

If we can believe that there is a God out there we are on our way to pleasing Him!

Friday, October 26, 2012

My 200th Post! (Do you hear or listen?)

Good Morning World!  WOW!
This will be my 200th post!  I decided a few years ago to stick with this blog, and even though I have changed it twice, and taken a couple sabbaticals from writing it is still here for the world to read and hopefully enjoy a fresh breeze of truth, and a small amount of wisdom.  (That was a long sentence!)
Now we are celebrating 200 bits of information, wisdom, advice, suggestions and sermons - it doesn't seem possible!  Thank You!

Today by way of celebration I am going back a few days to a conversation I had with a couple of my local banks tellers.  They were in the middle of a conversation when I arrived at the wicket, and knowing them as well as I do I made a smart remark; at which they all laughed.  However, because of the comment we started talking about the difference between listening and hearing.

They are both action words, but one is passive and one is active.  Passive means you can do the action without any real effort or action on your part.  Active means that there is a direct action that must be included or follow the use of the word.  So, we have Hearing.  This is a passive word.  This word can be done without any action required.  Listening on the other hand is an active word, and requires action on the part of the doer.  I might hear what my mother is saying, but I do not listen to what my mother is saying!

I have written 200 posts now, and I have had over 4,000 people read these posts, however, I wonder ho many of those people actually listened?  As preachers we are not interested in people who just hear the gospel, but we are trying to find people who will listen to the gospel.  Not very often have I directly preached the gospel in these posts, but almost every post has had an element that will lead you to Jesus if you will listen.  Too, often we just peruse the blogs in our list, but we don't actually digest this soul food and find a why to implement it.  I have a book on my shelf that is just over half finished because I am trying to put into action what is requested in the book. (This reminds me I need to check in the book and see how I am doing!)  I have just started the book of Proverbs, and decided to take it one chapter at a time, even though I memorized about 16 chapters of it as a youth, it still holds great and powerful truth that I will now try to instill into my children!

So, next time you read, or are required to hear something; listen!

Yours for Christ
Pastor Fred

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What is in a question?

Good Morning World!  This morning I would like to turn your brains on, and see if can help me!  As per usually with anyone who asks help I think I may know the answer already.  However, I am not arrogant enough to think that I am perfect and know all the answers - just most! (LOL)

Anyway enough verbal jesting, on the the subject at hand.  We are either crazy enough or fortuitous enough to believe that homeschooling our children is in their best educational and religious interest.  In doing so there have been many different issues that we have had to overcome.  We are currently using one of the best curriculum in the world (my humble opinion) - A.C.E. or Accelerated Christian Education.  That of course has nothing to do with our topic again! So.....

My Oldest daughter and my middle son, both had trouble with understanding what a question sentence was. Or, in grammar an interrogative sentence.  So, in order to help them understand I wrote down a list of words that ALWAYS start an interrogative sentence, or in simple terms, as a question.

  • Do (Do you?)
  • Have (Have you?)
  • Will (Will you?)
  • Are (Are you?)
  • What (What will you?)
  • Where (Where will you?)
  • Were (Were you?)
  • Why (Why are you?)
  • How (How will you?)
  • When (When have you?)
  • Am (Am I?)
  • Is (Is that you?)
As short as this list seems, I cannot think or find any other words, when used as the first word of a sentence that make a question.  So, this morning I am asking for help!  Do you know of any other words?  Have you ever thought of this before? Will you help me? Are you willing to stretch your mind? What do you think will become of me? Where are you willing to look? Were you awake before you started reading this? Why shouldn't you help me? How do you think I can find the answers? When will you answer me? Am I crazy to ask such questions? Is this getting to the point of going overboard with question words?

So we ask the question, "What is in a question?"  The answer will always begin with the first word!

Yours for Christ and proper (to some degree) grammar!
Pastor Fred

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Good Morning World!
I just finished reading the 3rd chapter of Proverbs, what a mind filling scripture!  The main gist of the passage is wisdom: its value, potential and necessity.  Too, often I meet people today who don't display a shred of wisdom in anything that they do.  They just blindly fumble through life expecting that everything is going to work out for them.  Sorry, to burst your bubble, but even though I believe everyone has a calling in life, I also believe that we have the ability to shape and possibly even change our destiny.  God gave us free will, and Adam and Eve demonstrated early on that we must work at utilizing wisdom.

The scripture said that God created the world and the universe with wisdom.  Showing that understanding future ramifications of things is smart.  I realize that we may not have the fortitude or brain power to look into the future and see what is going to happen, but we do have at least 10,000 years of history we can bank on! Understanding what happens when we set certain things in motion we give you a good idea as to what will happen in the future.

For example: if you send your child to the store to pick up an item you need to finish dinner, but you don't tell them exactly where it is in the store or how to get help if they can't find the item - wisdom would tell you that you are probably going to get a phone call from the store, or you were better off going yourself.  However, if you basically draw a map for your child then you can foresee that your child will be successful in bringing the said item home.

Wisdom is understanding and planning!  Another for example before I sign off: We are trying to teach my oldest son the value of saving.  We have recently started an allowance for him, and decided that if he would like to have his own laptop then he can save for it.  On top of that he helps me do some of my cleaning contracts and so we give him a little extra.  However, he is already biting at the bit to go to the store and by something,  Wisdom will show him that waiting and saving is better than buying and throwing out.  Too often we opt for the cheaper version or something lesser than what we really want because we can get it quicker. The good things in life don't always come cheap, and if you buy cheap you will soon find out cheap is actually more expensive in the long run.  Use wisdom and self control - you will soon see that you have a more satisfied life!

Yours for Christ,
Pastor Fred

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are you tired?

Good Morning World!  It is nice to see you again.  Yes, I know that life can take its toll, and you are tired, but you must remember that your sacrifice will pay off; hard work always pays off!

Sometimes we must talk to ourselves like this.  Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.  Are you in College or University?  Remind yourself why you chose your area of study.  Remind yourself that your sacrifice of a life will pay off, and you will receive your reward.  Are you working 2, 3 or 4 jobs to keep your family going?  Remind yourself why you work so hard.  Remind yourself that you are working to keep your house, and make sure that you children will get a good education.  Remind yourself that your a saving that money for that new car, that dream vacation or that bigger house.  Remind yourself of your purpose!

Once you have reminded yourself of your purpose and the reason for your sacrifice, make sure that you make time to do something you enjoy.  Make sure to take time to spend with your family.  I know you are busy and you are tired, but trust me it will help.

For example: Here was my day yesterday.  Alarm went of at 5:00am and I was up getting ready to go to work.  Got my son up who helps me, and off we went.  Finished cleaning the first place around quarter past 6am.  Went to the next store, and cleaned until about 7:30am.  Back home in time to clean up the kitchen a bit, and get something ready for breakfast.  My wife got up around 8:00am to help get the two little ones ready for daycare.  Eat, Shower, Dress and out the door about quarter to 9:00am.  Drop the children off at daycare and head to the shop to do my morning office and print work.  Do some errands around town for the shop, and back home to take my wife to work about 11:30am.  More errands and back home with the 3 oldest children for school around 12:30pm.  Eat lunch, make sure the children are working, and start my afternoon designing at home.  Send a few designs off for proof, and about 2:30pm out again to take some photos for a brochure.  Stop at the shop to get the mail and drop a deposit off at the bank, and then back to the house to prepare supper for the family.  At 10 to 5pm I load the children in the van again and go pick up the 2 little ones at daycare. After stopping at the store for an item for supper, back home to finish preparing it.  Supper is over at about 6:30pm, and I am exhausted!  So, I sit down for a while a play one of my favorite computer games, but that didn't really help much - still tired.  At 7:45pm I load the children in the van again and go to pick up my wife from work.  I had dressed for my Karate class, but wasn't sure about going as I was so tired.  I went anyway, and it really helped pick me up.  The exercise was what I needed.

This is just one day.  I do take time for the family a few times per week, and my other favorite past time is to go for a ride on my Polaris four wheeler.  You will be surprised at how much an hour of activity that you enjoy to do will make your day!

PS> Don't forget to pray and read your Bible either, they are important to keep your spiritually and physically balanced!

Yours for Christ,
Pastor Fred

Friday, October 19, 2012


Like my little girl to the right we can all say that we have been happy at some point in time.  However, according to Psalm 144:15 I think that happiness is more a state of being rather than an emotion that we can have on occasion.  Life is tough, and our schedules don't always go as planned; stuff happens!

Psalm 144:15 tells us that, "happy is the people who's God is the LORD," (Speaking of the Old Testament Jehovah, whom in the New Testament we refer to as Jesus the Christ).  The writer is referring to a nation, but I believe that we should also apply this to a personal state too.

Too, often we rely on our own "gods", which we have set up in our lives, to direct our actions and day to day activity.  WHAT?  I don't serve a god, you may say.  I we show you that everyone on this earth has a god.  The following are questions that will show you what or who your god is:

  1. Question yourself and find out what drives you.  Or, what do your work toward?  Sports, Money, Pleasure, Alcohol, Sex, Material Gain (stuff), Church, the Bible.  
  2. What is the one thing that your mind always turns to when you are alone?
  3. What do you talk about after the small talk is over?
  4. What do you argue about at work, home or at play?
The answer to these questions, whether it is more than one thing, happens to be what you should call your god, as it is what you worship daily.  Even though we are not going to a "church" or singing a praise song, we all worship a god in our lives.  Unfortunately sports isn't going to save your soul, nor will money, but those are the 2 biggest worldly gods, and people continue to worship at their altars.  There isn't necessarily anything wrong with sports, nor is money a sin, but if we put too much focus on things and stuff our focus is taken away from the Creator.

Back to the scripture: Now on the other hand we can enjoy great peace and happiness when we entrust all of our stuff, money and lives into the hands of the Creator.  Our Saviour Jesus Christ came for one main reason: to show us the way back to a personal relationship with our Creator and God.  When we truly place our lives in His hands and stop worrying about tomorrow we will have peace and happiness that cannot be taken away by any event or person in our lives!

Let's take some time and challenge ourselves to make the true God our God!

Yours for Christ
Pastor Fred

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Living with the right attitude!

Good Morning World,

It has been a long time since I have taken time to share my thoughts with you, however, I feel like the time is ripe again to open myself up to you. Just maybe some of the Heavenly light of Jesus Christ will shine through and lighten your path!  Thank you again for reading and returning!

Today's thought:

Living with the right attitude!
This morning I was reading my Bible using my @youversion Bible app on my Android Galaxy Nexus (and listening), and the scripture reminded me of the importance of humility and repentance.  The scripture was Psalms 140-143.  The writer in these scriptures seems to be in a constant state of prayer and repentance, not because he was a sinner committing actions that displease God, but rather because he didn't want to do the things that were displeasing to God.  The writer does claim to be righteous, but in order to stay righteous he takes on an attitude that he is nothing and God and His ways are everything!

I really think that this is a right attitude to have!  We may be powerful in the standards of this world, but we may be nothing in the eyes of God.  If we realize that God is everything and we are nothing, than we are on our way to becoming something important and useful to the Almighty!

Let me share one of the verses that I read this morning.

Psalm 143: 10
Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness.

And may we pray this same pray everyday!
Teach me to do your will; for you are my God!  Your Spirit is Good let it lead me into the land of uprightness (doing things right!).  In the Name of Jesus - Amen!

Yours for Christ,
Pastor Fred

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