Thursday, October 25, 2012

What is in a question?

Good Morning World!  This morning I would like to turn your brains on, and see if can help me!  As per usually with anyone who asks help I think I may know the answer already.  However, I am not arrogant enough to think that I am perfect and know all the answers - just most! (LOL)

Anyway enough verbal jesting, on the the subject at hand.  We are either crazy enough or fortuitous enough to believe that homeschooling our children is in their best educational and religious interest.  In doing so there have been many different issues that we have had to overcome.  We are currently using one of the best curriculum in the world (my humble opinion) - A.C.E. or Accelerated Christian Education.  That of course has nothing to do with our topic again! So.....

My Oldest daughter and my middle son, both had trouble with understanding what a question sentence was. Or, in grammar an interrogative sentence.  So, in order to help them understand I wrote down a list of words that ALWAYS start an interrogative sentence, or in simple terms, as a question.

  • Do (Do you?)
  • Have (Have you?)
  • Will (Will you?)
  • Are (Are you?)
  • What (What will you?)
  • Where (Where will you?)
  • Were (Were you?)
  • Why (Why are you?)
  • How (How will you?)
  • When (When have you?)
  • Am (Am I?)
  • Is (Is that you?)
As short as this list seems, I cannot think or find any other words, when used as the first word of a sentence that make a question.  So, this morning I am asking for help!  Do you know of any other words?  Have you ever thought of this before? Will you help me? Are you willing to stretch your mind? What do you think will become of me? Where are you willing to look? Were you awake before you started reading this? Why shouldn't you help me? How do you think I can find the answers? When will you answer me? Am I crazy to ask such questions? Is this getting to the point of going overboard with question words?

So we ask the question, "What is in a question?"  The answer will always begin with the first word!

Yours for Christ and proper (to some degree) grammar!
Pastor Fred

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