Friday, October 26, 2012

My 200th Post! (Do you hear or listen?)

Good Morning World!  WOW!
This will be my 200th post!  I decided a few years ago to stick with this blog, and even though I have changed it twice, and taken a couple sabbaticals from writing it is still here for the world to read and hopefully enjoy a fresh breeze of truth, and a small amount of wisdom.  (That was a long sentence!)
Now we are celebrating 200 bits of information, wisdom, advice, suggestions and sermons - it doesn't seem possible!  Thank You!

Today by way of celebration I am going back a few days to a conversation I had with a couple of my local banks tellers.  They were in the middle of a conversation when I arrived at the wicket, and knowing them as well as I do I made a smart remark; at which they all laughed.  However, because of the comment we started talking about the difference between listening and hearing.

They are both action words, but one is passive and one is active.  Passive means you can do the action without any real effort or action on your part.  Active means that there is a direct action that must be included or follow the use of the word.  So, we have Hearing.  This is a passive word.  This word can be done without any action required.  Listening on the other hand is an active word, and requires action on the part of the doer.  I might hear what my mother is saying, but I do not listen to what my mother is saying!

I have written 200 posts now, and I have had over 4,000 people read these posts, however, I wonder ho many of those people actually listened?  As preachers we are not interested in people who just hear the gospel, but we are trying to find people who will listen to the gospel.  Not very often have I directly preached the gospel in these posts, but almost every post has had an element that will lead you to Jesus if you will listen.  Too, often we just peruse the blogs in our list, but we don't actually digest this soul food and find a why to implement it.  I have a book on my shelf that is just over half finished because I am trying to put into action what is requested in the book. (This reminds me I need to check in the book and see how I am doing!)  I have just started the book of Proverbs, and decided to take it one chapter at a time, even though I memorized about 16 chapters of it as a youth, it still holds great and powerful truth that I will now try to instill into my children!

So, next time you read, or are required to hear something; listen!

Yours for Christ
Pastor Fred

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