Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are you tired?

Good Morning World!  It is nice to see you again.  Yes, I know that life can take its toll, and you are tired, but you must remember that your sacrifice will pay off; hard work always pays off!

Sometimes we must talk to ourselves like this.  Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.  Are you in College or University?  Remind yourself why you chose your area of study.  Remind yourself that your sacrifice of a life will pay off, and you will receive your reward.  Are you working 2, 3 or 4 jobs to keep your family going?  Remind yourself why you work so hard.  Remind yourself that you are working to keep your house, and make sure that you children will get a good education.  Remind yourself that your a saving that money for that new car, that dream vacation or that bigger house.  Remind yourself of your purpose!

Once you have reminded yourself of your purpose and the reason for your sacrifice, make sure that you make time to do something you enjoy.  Make sure to take time to spend with your family.  I know you are busy and you are tired, but trust me it will help.

For example: Here was my day yesterday.  Alarm went of at 5:00am and I was up getting ready to go to work.  Got my son up who helps me, and off we went.  Finished cleaning the first place around quarter past 6am.  Went to the next store, and cleaned until about 7:30am.  Back home in time to clean up the kitchen a bit, and get something ready for breakfast.  My wife got up around 8:00am to help get the two little ones ready for daycare.  Eat, Shower, Dress and out the door about quarter to 9:00am.  Drop the children off at daycare and head to the shop to do my morning office and print work.  Do some errands around town for the shop, and back home to take my wife to work about 11:30am.  More errands and back home with the 3 oldest children for school around 12:30pm.  Eat lunch, make sure the children are working, and start my afternoon designing at home.  Send a few designs off for proof, and about 2:30pm out again to take some photos for a brochure.  Stop at the shop to get the mail and drop a deposit off at the bank, and then back to the house to prepare supper for the family.  At 10 to 5pm I load the children in the van again and go pick up the 2 little ones at daycare. After stopping at the store for an item for supper, back home to finish preparing it.  Supper is over at about 6:30pm, and I am exhausted!  So, I sit down for a while a play one of my favorite computer games, but that didn't really help much - still tired.  At 7:45pm I load the children in the van again and go to pick up my wife from work.  I had dressed for my Karate class, but wasn't sure about going as I was so tired.  I went anyway, and it really helped pick me up.  The exercise was what I needed.

This is just one day.  I do take time for the family a few times per week, and my other favorite past time is to go for a ride on my Polaris four wheeler.  You will be surprised at how much an hour of activity that you enjoy to do will make your day!

PS> Don't forget to pray and read your Bible either, they are important to keep your spiritually and physically balanced!

Yours for Christ,
Pastor Fred

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