Monday, October 29, 2012

Are your batteries being charged?

Good Morning World!

Last night before bed, as per usual, I made sure my cell phone was plugged in.  I usually plug it into my computer as most nights I leave it on, however, last night to save some energy and give the machine are rest I  turned off my tower.  The thought crossed my mind that my phone probably wouldn't charge, but thought I'd try anyway.  Sure enough this morning I still needed to charge the battery.  This brought another thought to my mind!

Too, often we go through our day without ever taking time to rest, relax, read, pray or meditate.  All these activities if done in a proper productive manner will help to recharge our batteries.  We feel that just sitting in front of the TV for a couple hours in the evening will relax us.  Not so my friend.  I've watched my share of movies before bed, and I have found that it never really relaxes the mind or body. 

We must find activities that we find relaxing.  Go for a walk in the woods.  Go for a ride on an ATV in the wilderness.  Bake a cake. Take a nap. Read a book. Pray.  

No getting more to the point, We also tend to forget, when we get busy to plug into our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Just because we say that we are a Christian, doesn't mean that we are automatically and continuously connected to His unlimited power.  No, the fact remains that we MUST take time every day to pray and get connected to His presence.  We MUST read His word every day to stay connected with what pleases Him.  Just because we leave the plug in doesn't mean any juice is flowing!  You must turn the switch on!

Have a great day!
Yours for Christ
Pastor Fred

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