Friday, October 19, 2012


Like my little girl to the right we can all say that we have been happy at some point in time.  However, according to Psalm 144:15 I think that happiness is more a state of being rather than an emotion that we can have on occasion.  Life is tough, and our schedules don't always go as planned; stuff happens!

Psalm 144:15 tells us that, "happy is the people who's God is the LORD," (Speaking of the Old Testament Jehovah, whom in the New Testament we refer to as Jesus the Christ).  The writer is referring to a nation, but I believe that we should also apply this to a personal state too.

Too, often we rely on our own "gods", which we have set up in our lives, to direct our actions and day to day activity.  WHAT?  I don't serve a god, you may say.  I we show you that everyone on this earth has a god.  The following are questions that will show you what or who your god is:

  1. Question yourself and find out what drives you.  Or, what do your work toward?  Sports, Money, Pleasure, Alcohol, Sex, Material Gain (stuff), Church, the Bible.  
  2. What is the one thing that your mind always turns to when you are alone?
  3. What do you talk about after the small talk is over?
  4. What do you argue about at work, home or at play?
The answer to these questions, whether it is more than one thing, happens to be what you should call your god, as it is what you worship daily.  Even though we are not going to a "church" or singing a praise song, we all worship a god in our lives.  Unfortunately sports isn't going to save your soul, nor will money, but those are the 2 biggest worldly gods, and people continue to worship at their altars.  There isn't necessarily anything wrong with sports, nor is money a sin, but if we put too much focus on things and stuff our focus is taken away from the Creator.

Back to the scripture: Now on the other hand we can enjoy great peace and happiness when we entrust all of our stuff, money and lives into the hands of the Creator.  Our Saviour Jesus Christ came for one main reason: to show us the way back to a personal relationship with our Creator and God.  When we truly place our lives in His hands and stop worrying about tomorrow we will have peace and happiness that cannot be taken away by any event or person in our lives!

Let's take some time and challenge ourselves to make the true God our God!

Yours for Christ
Pastor Fred

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