Sunday, March 23, 2008

Does Jesus Amaze You?

Text: Acts 2:1-8

Down through history there have been many things, events, sights and ages that have brought much amazement to humanity; an amazement to its wonder and glory, or at its evil, destruction and ruin. Yet, at all the amazing things that this world has shown, seen, experienced and been through there has not be anything more amazing than the coming of Jesus Christ!

The incarnate almighty God robbing himself in humanity, and coming to earth being born a baby fragile, innocent, cold, hungry, and tiny is absolutely AMAZING! This same Lord growing as a boy, learning his father’s trade, obeying His parents and experiencing what it means to be a child and a teen is truly AMAZING! Then becoming a man, and leaving the security of home, and taking up his purpose as leader, healer, redeemer, teacher and sacrifice this too is AMAZING! Finally, Jesus gave His all in the garden, upon the cross, and arose triumphant from the tomb! All these things are AMAZING beyond what words can truly express!

My question to you this day is:

“When was the last time you were amazed by Jesus?”

  1. Does anything about our Saviour invoke an emotional response?

Do you no longer feel a wonder when you come to the house of prayer and worship?

Do you no longer feel the excitement at knowing you have been redeemed?

Do you no longer experience the brush of angel’s wings while living your life?

Is there no wonder at the cross, the grave or sky which took Jesus home?

Is there no wonder when you once more hear the age old story?

Have you no fear of God in your heart?

Have you no consideration that this life will not last for ever, unless you find Jesus?

Does not the fact that you have witnessed and experienced divine healing change you?

Does not the fact that you have witnessed and experienced salvation move you?

As Paul wrote: “You did run well, who did hinder you?”

What are the weights and sins that are weighing you and me down? Why is it so difficult to forget about our self, our surroundings, our neighbors and just Worship like we really mean it, feel it, and know we ought to?

  1. Find something that amazes you about Jesus, and grow from there!

During the life of Jesus there were many times that people were amazed by him, at him and because of him. Even after Jesus was gone during the ministry of the Apostles there was still much amazement because of Jesus!

Mat_12:22-23 Mar_1:23-27 Luk_4:31-36

Jesus Cast out the dumb and blind devil

Mat_19:16-26 Mar_10:17-32

Rich young ruler asked about salvation

Mar_2:1-12 Luk_5:18-26

Four bring the sick of the palsy


Jesus walks on the water and calms the sea


After Transfiguration he casts out devil from boy


Jesus Rises, Women see angel

Act_2:1-8 Act_2:12-39

The Day of Pentecost and out pouring of Spirit


Paul is converted and preaching Jesus

These people experienced Jesus and were amazed. Just because we can’t really “see” Jesus here doesn’t mean we can’t experience him. I am challenging you this day to experience Jesus again and be amazed! There is nothing more amazing than experiencing Jesus for yourself!

  1. Don’t be guilty of bottling your salvation up!

So many people have experienced Jesus for themselves, and then after a few months you no longer hear about their experience. Don’t be one of those people who allow the “MATURE” Christians calm them down. Rather stand outside of the box and be a light that shines in the darkest night. Do not worry about their snide remarks. Do not concern yourself with their sarcastic remarks. No, be a tower of strength; a lighthouse in spite of the storm!

There is nothing more frustrating to a Christian than not expressing their love for Jesus! Just like two people who are in love, if they don’t tell each other thy love each other there is great pain. Yet, if we don’t express our devotion and amazement about Jesus we will forget, and loose our way!

We are meant to be the most expressive, outgoing, giving, loving, kind and hospitable people in the world. No one should be able to out give a child of God in anything! Don’t bottle up your emotions. Don’t hold back on the fact that Jesus saved you from your sins! There is no greater story than your personal testimony of Christ’s victory over sin in your life!

(True Story)

While at our community Ministerial ecumenical Easter service at a local Church the Lord impressed upon me the need to pray for the sick. So after my message I asked everyone who needed prayer to raise their hand. Many people participated. As We prayed a corporate anointed prayer of healing you could feel the Spirit of God move through the building. After the service was about to close the lady who was doing the benediction noted this prayer, and said, “…You could almost feel that God was healing people as we prayed” then she finished, “I have never felt that before!”

To be perfectly honest this made the whole service for me. For a lay minister from another church group to publicly confess and announce that they had never felt a particular move of God, but today they had, and that it was worthy of note, absolutely was wonderful!

When we can let the amazement of Christ back into our lives and follow his guidance and leading it is truly AMAZING!


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