Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's Common To You?

Almost everyday we encounter things, people, items, products, signs, and stores that have become common place to us. The wonder of those things are no longer visible or important to us. If you traveled to see the Grand Canyon it would be amazing, wonderful, awesome, glorious. However, I wonder how the tour guide feels about it? He or She has only seen the Grand Canyon every day for the past "X" number of years, and the wonder of it has begun to wear off.

I recently heard a story about a man who was traveling by train a number of years ago. He sat across from another gentleman who was looking out the car window, and wondering at the sights which the train passed. They were traveling across the midwest of the United States, and as they would pass hills, trees, towns, rocks and any other everyday sight the man who was looking out the window would exclaim, "Wonderful," "Amazing," "Wow," and many other expletives. Finally, after a few hours of listening to this the other man asked the man looking out the window, "Sir, what is it that is so interesting, we are just crossing the mid-west and those are just trees, hills, towns and so on. What is so amazing about that?" The gentleman who had been looking out the window explained, "Sir, Last week I was blind and could not see. I have recently seen a doctor who was able to fix my sight, and now I can see everything that I haven't been able to see in years." With this new information our questioning man began to realize that our gazing friend was right. Those things which we take for granted everyday are really, awesome, wonderful, amazing, and wow!

When you see your family everyday do you take them for granted? You may automatically say no of course not? But, let me ask you a couple questions that might stimulate your mind.
  • Do you feel upset when you come home and dinner isn't ready?
  • Do your children tend to annoy you by asking seemingly endless questions?
  • Do you feel put out when your laundry isn't ready when you think it should be?
  • Do you put your children, wife, or husband off when they ask to spend time with you? (You may think that there is always later, and you are just too busy right now.)
  • Do you listen to your children, wife or husband when they talk to you? (Do you actually hear them?)
  • How often do you eat meals together as a family?
  • How often do you help your wife clean up around the house?
  • Do you spend time with you children at their level everyday?
  • Do you spend time with your wife everyday at her level?
If you can't answer yes or put a time on each of these questions, then you like myself are probably getting a little to common with your family. Family is everything! Don't waste it! Money and work are important, but they are not too important to loose your family too! Don't wait until you come home to an empty house to realize that your priorities were all wrong!

There are times when I take my family for granted, and just expect things to happen. All the really happens then is I get upset with some or all of my family. Then I wake up and realize my mistake and have to apologize for my stupidity.

Your family may not always be there. One night while you're at work late your house could burn down on your precious wife and children. What then? What will you have to remember them by? What memories do you have of playing cowboys and Indians with your children. What memories do you have of going out for that late night coffee with your wife? If you spend your time away from home if home goes you will be left with nothing!

Once you begin to take a close look at your life you will begin to realize that there are many things that have lost their wonder to you. Many things are just common and no big deal. I encourage you to wake up and smell the flowers in the garden. Realize the beauty and wonder of everything that is around you!

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