Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jesus I forgot....

As I was cleaning off the lunch table this afternoon I noticed one of my children's books on the high chair. It was a Frank Meyer's book, "I Just Forgot." The book tells the tail of a little boys adventures in forgetting to do or not do certain activities during the run of a day. Things like forgetting to turn of the taps and having the water run over the floor and such the like. You know things we do every day because we forget!

I am endeavoring to better myself and be more organized, which in itself is one of those unending, undo able tasks, but I will succeed - sooner or later!

One of the hardest things I am finding to overcome is my mind and memory. I do have a rather good mind, but it seems I have cluttered it up with useless stuff, and now I am waging war on my brain trying to clean it up! If we can overcome our habits, and force ourselves to do a new thing we can actually succeed.

As powerful as a habit and a schedule are we must have the backbone and fortitude to overcome ourselves. Thus, forcing ourself to do something new. As a Green Belt in Karate I have learnt that in order to train my body to remember and do certain actions I must over exaggerate some of my movements in the training phase so that when it comes time to use those actions my body has them memorized and they become second nature. So, in order to change in life and do something different and better we must exaggerate ourselves at first so we can overcome our little idiosyncrasies and win the battle of our mind!

Did you know that forgetting is no excuse? The fact is everything we ever hear, read, write or otherwise experience with our senses becomes a permanent part of our memory. The problem with most of us, including myself, is that we haven't trained our minds to have a proper filing system. Our mental filing cabinets are all messed up. The letters and numbers are all mixed together and vis versa. What we must learn to do is re-program ourselves to file our memories correctly.

Now for the question of the day. Do you think that Jesus is going to accept the "I forgot excuse" come judgment day?

NO! Of course not. We don't allow it as a legitimate excuse so why would Jesus? Just because you forgot to pray doesn't make it right. Just because you forgot to read your Bible doesn't make it O.K.. Just because you were to busy and forgot to go to Church doesn't mean you are off the hook. No, we have many means of forcing ourselves to remember in today's society that there is no excuse to forget anything!

Stop working so much!
Stop worrying so much!
Stop over thinking everything!
Stop procrastinating!
Stop allowing yourself to forget the important things in life!

Don't forget how old your children are.
Don't forget your anniversary.
Don't forget your spouses birthday.
Don't forget your wifes favorite flower.

Make yourself remember, be a better man - a better person - and don't allow yourself to tell Jesus you forgot. What would happen to your soul if Jesus forgot to die on the cross? What would happen to your chances of heaven if Jesus forgot to ascend to heaven, and pour out his spirit.


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