Saturday, November 22, 2008

Always looking for the bad stuff!

A short time ago I was asked to pay a little doctor's visit for my friend's computer. As an intermediate self taught technician, and as I do this fairly often I decided to help. So I took his tower home, and cleaned up all the spyware, adware, malware and trojans from off his computer. I availed of many of the freeware and trial version programs which I have tested and found extremely useful. After a couple days of work I finally returned the healthy computer back to its owner. He was happy! Another satisfied customer.

Well, last week he said that he couldn't find any spyware on the computer, and the thought crossed his mind that maybe there must be something wrong with the computer again! Yes, you read right he thought a healthy computer might have something wrong with it because there was nothing wrong it.

No stop laughing at my friend, because after I thought about it for awhile I realized we all do the same thing. (Well maybe not all of us, but alot of us! Especially my wonderful wife!)

Often we are faced with trials and temptations, and our human psyche seems to get used to the fact that bad stuff happens on a regular basis. So, when those "rare" times of blessing come we don't really rejoice in it we are always looking around for that bad time, which we "know" must be just around the corner!


Let me relay a circumstance which we went through recently.
A couple weeks ago, my hyper children decided that swinging from the copper water pipe, and of course it broke. Well it just wasn't any pipe it was the water main, that brings water into the house from the town! On top of that the valve inside the house is so old the rubber was all worn off and so it blew off when I tried to fix the problem. Now we have a mess, and we are only about 4 feet from the 4 inch town water main, so we have about 70 lbs of water pressure pulsing into the basement. This happened for about 20 minutes to half and hour. Yes, you guessed it there was inches of water all over the basement. Needless to say after a friend came over and helped me save the day, and all the water was cleaned up we have the problem of clean up. As I'm sure you have guessed by now it wasn't just the flooring that was destroyed but furniture and other things. Once we had time to look around and things started drying out, I realized that this wasn't a bad thing, like my wife believed at first. (to make a long story short) Everything we needed to fix the problem was already around us. The total cost of the repairs including new valves, pipes, flooring and furniture was ----- under $30.00! The good Lord had supplied everything in advance! I had enough good used laminate flooring given to me to redo the necessary floor space. I had enough piping left over from other projects to meet this need. All I needed to buy was a new valve, and cpvc piping glue. Praise the Lord!

To the point. If I had been busy looking for the next problem that is coming down the line, I most certainly wouldn't have seen the blessing that was already standing in front of me!

So, the next time that good happens to you, rejoice and be glad, and give God the glory! Don't always expect and look for the bad, expect God to take care of you. That is exactly what He wants to do!

Yours for blessing,
Pastor Fred

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