Friday, April 04, 2008

The Muddy Puddle Question!

What is it about a muddy puddle that makes a child drawn to it? What is it about the muddy puddle that is like a magnet, and a child just has to step in it and dance!?

This question really struck me Thursday evening as my son, Ethan, and I were going into the Church for Bible Study. It had been a snowy, sloppy, warmish kind of day, and between the van and the Church was a rather large muddy puddle. As we passed, Ethan began to position himself for the big plunge! As I was on hand his impulsive desire to jump was quickly thwarted, and this question crossed my mind. Then in the few seconds before we entered the Church for Bible Study I realized that the Good Lord had just given me food for thought and sermon material!

We need to be like that muddy puddle! Not in respect the the muddy or even in respect to the puddle, but rather we must be like magnets that people feel need to jump into! As a Pastor and a Preacher it can be difficult at times to convince people of their spiritual needs, but if I could become like a muddy puddle I wouldn't have to convince people they would just want to jump in and get their spiritual needs met!

Everywhere Jesus went the crowds just happened. He was like a crowd magnet. He didn't have to announce His arrival into town. He didn't have to put up posters or make radio announcements! Jesus found some needy people and began to minister. The result: shortly afterward a huge crowd would begin to form, and He would have a congregation to preach to! Oh, to be more like Jesus! Oh, to be less like myself!

So my challenge this morning, evening and noon is that you change whatever needs to be changed in your life so that you are a magnetic muddy pool of spiritual desire! You get Jesus so He overflows and people will want the part that is slopping over!

Yours for magnetic Christianity,
Pastor Fred

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