Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Places God Records His Name!

Yesterday while reading in Exodus 20 I came across a couple verses that threw me into a studying frenzy!

Here is the verse:
Exodus 20:24
24 An altar of earth you shall make for Me, and you shall sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and your peace offerings, your sheep and your oxen. In every place where I record My name I will come to you, and I will bless you.
An altar is a place of sacrifice, consecration, separation, forgiveness, repentance, renewal and judgment. God's Altar was to be of earth. Never of cut or hew-en stones, but raw stones and dirt. Also, this verse describes two types of offerings upon this earthen altar. (Note: Both of these sacrificial offerings were to be free-will. In other words you do it because you want to not because you have to.) First, the burnt offering which is an offering of judgment and repentance. Second, the peace offering which is an offering of thanksgiving and worship.

Especially notice the last phrase.

"In every place where I record My name I will come to you, and I will bless you." First of all you must realize that this phrase is linked to the first part of the verse, and the following couple verses. As a matter of fact this truth can be traced all the way through the whole Bible!
(Transliterated this verse could say:
The places where God's Name is marked, and when viewed brings remembrance of God. In these places God's blessing is found!)
Let me see if I can discuss it in short. (If you would like a complete copy of this study please email me.)

Let's go to 2 Corinthians 4:7
The "Treasure" Discussed in this verse in its simplest form would be the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Salvation from our Sins. The "Earthen Vessel" refers to an implement or container that contributes to the usefulness of the user and is made of clay. (Which is breakable.)

In the Old Testament God asked His people to make altars of earth upon which they would offer sacrifices of worship. Now we become the earthen altar, within which Jesus places His Glory, Power, Salvation and Gospel!

Let's go to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
In this scripture the believer is described as the "Temple of the Holy Spirit". Is there not an altar within a temple? Is there not the Name of a God within a temple? We are not our own Jesus owns us!

Let's take a step farther. Remember that Exodus 20:24 referred to a place in which the name of God has been recorded?

When we are Baptized into Christ in water and Spirit we put on HIS NAME!
Galatians 3:26-4:6
If we are now children then we must also have the family Name!
Notice these verses which describe to us the proper method of Baptism, which always included the NAME of JESUS!
Acts 2:38-41
Acts 10:44-48
Acts 19:1-7
1 Corinthians 6:11

Jehovah seems to have been looking ahead in time and telling us that upon whatever earthen vessel his name is marked there shall the blessings of God be! In the New Testament we have the revelation of the fullness of God's name - Jesus! When we are baptized "in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins", and filled with the Spirit of Christ, not only does this cleans us from our sins, but it also stamps upon us the family name - JESUS!

Yours for the Name of JESUS,
Pastor Fred

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