Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 60 - 61

Good Morning World!

I find it amazing how much we as humans rely on a schedule of events for our day to run smoothly.  This amazes me because our days rarely go according to plan!  For example this morning I am at the computer blogging before 7 a.m. because I was up cleaning the college building before 6 a.m., which is my regular schedule for each morning.  I haven't blogged all last week because I had a friend cleaning for me so I could help my wife with the baby's schedule.  The moral of the story is -- because I broke some of  my daily routine certain parts of my day became undo-able!  May I suggest something before we move on to Psalms?  If you have a good schedule that is keeping you close to Jesus don't change it unless you will get closer to Jesus!

Psalm 60
This chapter seems to indicate a fight between family members.  It is never pleasant to wage war with a member of you family.  We must seek a peaceful solution as quickly as possible.  We must seek the wisdom of Jesus as much as possible.  Jesus declared that a house divided against itself will fall.  We must pray for peace in the family daily, and ever seek to keep the peace within the family so we call all serve Jesus to the best of our ability.

Psalm 61
I would call this a song of trust and relationship.  These are attributes we must have with Jesus in our life.  We must trust Jesus is our shelter, our covert in the time of storm.  We must have a relationship with Jesus so that we may abide with Him forever, and daily perform our vows.  There is something special about abiding in His tabernacle, and learning from Him daily.  However, we can only transform our tabernacle into His tabernacle when we have a relationship with Him, and have surrendered every part of our lives to Him.

We surrender to Jesus through repenting of our selfish, sinful ways giving our lives into His control through baptism in Jesus name, which gives us family access through His name.  Finally, we become a full tabernacle and family member when we allow the DNA of heaven to flow through us and over flow through the infilling of the Holy Ghost as we speak in a heavenly language.

Let's stop fighting family. Let the prince of peace come into your life and recreate your tabernacle into something of beauty, something of use to the kingdom of heaven!

Yours for trust and relationship with Jesus!
Pastor Fred

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