Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jesus has a bandaid in His pocket....

Don't children just say the cutest things sometimes!?

We spend quite a bit of time teaching our children the value of prayer and that Jesus is always by your side read to help, and protect you. Once in a while we see the fruit of this labour in what they say!

My two older children love band aids and whenever one or the other gets a small cut or scrape they both "need" to have a band aid to cover their "blood".

Well my 4 year old has been developing a pimple on his nose for a couple of days, and today he finally noticed that is was there. He immediately started to complain about it and asked for a band aid. I told him that he didn't need a band aid and that it would go away in a couple of days. His simple straightforward response was profound, momentous and absolutely sweet:

"Jesus has a band aid for me. He has a band aid in his pocket."

Jesus does have a band aid in his pocket. He has something for everything we go through, do to our self, and for every time we slip up and fall. Jesus is always there by your side!

Jesus loves you more than anything and has a band aid in his pocket for you!

Yours for the Kingdom,
Pastor Fred

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