Friday, March 05, 2010

Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 73 "Is the Grass Greener?"

Good Morning World!

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be so much injustice in the world today?  Have you ever wondered why it seems the bad are rewarded and the good are dealt an evil blow?  Well, I have and it seems we can have an answer today, and it comes from our Psalm of the day!

Psalm 73 - Book Three
David is confessing a questioning heart, and asking God for repentance because he almost turned away from God's way.  He looked around and saw that the ungodly didn't seem to have any problems, pain or poverty.  They seemed to have a silver spoon in their mouth from birth and acquired great riches easily.  This injustice was difficult for David to bare because he saw the righteous suffering on every hand, and he couldn't understand why!

Finally, he went to the temple to pray and seek and answer.  He got his answer!  He rejoiced and didn't slide when he saw the end of the wicked, and how they are despised by God, and cast away.  They are thrown into outer darkness, and are tormented for eternity.  This caused great joy as the truth that God is in control and does care about the affairs of man is still a fact!

May I put my two cents worth in.  After reading this chapter I got the thought that the righteous suffer now so they can be ready for eternal glory.  The wicked don't seem to suffer as much, but they will suffer for eternity in hell fire and the brimstone of damnation!

The military and police services both train their recruits for the worst that they can expect.  They put them through hell on earth so that they can be ready for anything when the time comes to be deployed!  We are in the army of God, and are being trained for eternal glory and a position the the court of the Almighty.  A little suffering down here will never out way the glory too come!

Praise God that I have been counted worthy to suffer down here that I may obtain an eternal crown and reward in glory!

Yours for daily training and suffering,
Pastor Fred

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