Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 76

Good Morning World!  We are back again!  WOW it really has been awhile, and Lord willing we won't have this much space between posts anymore.  Much has happened in our lives since the birth of our 5th and final baby from hospital visits to infections and the influenza, and it seems that life is once again normalizing. (If normal is a term that I can use for our life!)  Don't worry the baby has been fine and continues to grow much to "the mama's" dismay!  Little Jael isn't going to be little much longer.

Lord willing we can get through the rest of Psalms quickly as we don't have much left to read.

Psalm 76

We might as well say that we are reading from the book of Asaph as of late.  We again read a Psalm written by this great singer, and worship leader.  I rather enjoy reading Asaph as he seems to have great emotion sewn into his poetry and songs.  I also enjoy his word pictures, they help one see into the past and become apart of the writing.

The first verse really jumps out to me this morning.  "In Judah God is known."  This is a very powerful phrase.  It begs the question, "Is God known in your home, family, town, community or area?"  When other people look at you can or do they say, "He/She is close to God."?  When people visit your community can they feel the presence of the Almighty God as they enjoy the shopping, restaurants, hotels and other attractions?  We must not lower ourselves to the world around us, but we must stand fast and stay close to Jesus.  We must spend enough time with Jesus that the people of this day and age will say to us what was said to Peter and John, "They have been with Jesus!"

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know in your heart and spirit that you have spent time with the creator of the universe?  Wouldn't it be awesome to know that you made contact with the almighty God?  You, a nothing, a nobody, an insignificant being in an infinite universe took time to meet with the sustainer of all things!  I can't say that I have every been in the presence of earthly royalty, and probably never will, but I can say that I have been in the presence of Jehovah, our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.  He has condescended and allowed me to enter His holy presence, and I have rejoiced in Him and He has filled me up with His righteousness and goodness.

I want God to be known in my home.  I want God to be known in my community.  I don't mean I want to know God in my home, but I want the presence of God to be so strong in my home that when other walk by, or come to visit they know that they have been in the presence of God.  I want there to be a reputation that people can find God in our home.

Do you desire God to be in you home too?

Yours for a reputation of God,
Pastor Fred

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