Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Bible Reading - Psalme 78

Good Morning World!

Well we are back, and even though I've gone ahead I felt that we should continue our posting where we left off.  There is something very special about truly reading the Word of God, and digesting it.  I remember as a child that we would read the Bible through in a year using a yearly Bible, and much of the time we would just skim through the readings just to say that we did it.  Now, I find I take my time a bit more and try to digest the Word, as it is my light, and guides me along life's pathway.

Psalm 78

Another song of Asaph, and one that should be remembered and read more often.  Asaph is singing a song of remembrance, and warning.  Asaph as a leader to his people is telling them that we must not forget the old law, and the old ways.  We must not forget what God has done for us, and done to us in the past.  It is imperative that we remember that what God says He will do, that is exactly what will happen!  If God tells us to obey and be blessed then we will be blessed if we obey.  On the other hand if God tells us that He will curse and punish us if we do not obey then we can be assured that we will be cursed and punished when we refuse to follow in His ways.

Asaph also takes us on a journey through the past.  In no particular order he describes some of God's past dealings with Israel as they are born into a nation and as they continuously forget the God who redeemed them from slavery and death.  There are times in our lives that we must take a walk down memory lane and remember no matter how painful the things that happened in the past.  When you take your walk don't sugar coat it, and make yourself feel fine.  No!  Review events through the eyes of experience, and realize your mistakes and the mistakes of others.  Don't relive the past unfruitfully, but learn from your past, and remember to walk in the straight paths of the Almighty!

Worship Jesus, and remember from whence He brought you!

Yours for a great relationship with Jesus,

Pastor Fred

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