Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keeping it Fresh

Good Morning World!

We are definitely going to get a flowery May as we are having quite a bit of April showers!  God's wonderful creation is taking care of itself once again.  Someone commented the other day that many people would say that the weather was terrible, and my reply was, "That is because their attitude is terrible!"

I've noticed that once Jesus has become a part of our lives many things don't really make our day bad or terrible such as the weather.  For the most part everyday is great.  Not because I like every type of weather, but because Jesus is at work and no matter the weather it is going to be a great day!  Sure, I like snow, and I don't mind the rain.  Sure, I would rather sunny days all the time, but I understand the weather and climate a bit, and realize that we need all types of weather to survive, and have a proper spring, summer, fall and winter.

WOW!  I am way off my thoughts for this morning!  I would say that the Lord wanted someone to read that!

Have you ever felt bored at work?  Have you ever felt like you work wasn't making sense any more?  Have you ever felt like you were not satisfied with what you were doing anymore?  Me too!  Actually, I have felt that many times.  As a preacher my work is ministry, but on occasion God leads me to put my hand to a task that is very indirectly related to ministry.  It is these tasks, such as owning a couple of small business that can be very unsatisfying.  When we are unsatisfied at work, our production becomes something less than desirable. We don't finish tasks on time or properly, and people and/or customers become displeased with our service and performance.

What we must learn to do is keep things fresh.  It wouldn't be advisable to quite your job every time you got unhappy.  Especially in our worlds current economic condition.  No, we must keep our job and learn to like or even love it.

To the employer:  If you have a few employers or many one thing I have learnt by being on both sides of the desk is that employees need to feel wanted and treated well.  I have talked to employees from a few different companies both local and abroad and have found the ones who are happy doing any job are the ones who are treated with respect and given unexpected bonuses or incentives.  It's called keeping it fresh.  Help your people out as much as possible as they are the ones who are keeping your accounts in the black!

To the employee:  One major thing I have noticed about employees is that fact that there are only two types.  1. Those who will not work any more than they have to.
2. Those who will work.
Those who fall into category one are those people who watch the clock for 5 O'clock to come and drop what ever as soon as the bell rings.  They are only there because they have to be in order to pay the bills and keep food on the table.  You will not get far in life with this type of attitude.  Don't leave your family behind, but for goodness sake stop watching the clock!
Those who fall into category two are those who work because they enjoy working and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.  This type of employee will usually get promoted sooner than those of category one.  The only con to being in category two is sometimes we tend to work too much, and don't leave enough time for family.

Now to finish it off.  Keeping it Fresh!  This is the idea of changing something up sometimes.  If you work closely with other people maybe trade jobs for a day or so.  If you work in a line maybe switch spots with someone for a couple hours.  If you work mainly by yourself then you will need to be a bit more creative as you need to get your work done, but you can find a different way to do it.  Keeping your work fresh will ensure that you stay happier longer.

Have a blessed day
Yours for Keeping Life Fresh in Jesus!
Pastor Fred

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