Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 17

Good Morning Again! God is good All the Time!

November 25, 2009
Psalm 17

There is a lot of thoughts, truth and lessons that could be drawn from this prayer of David, however, one particular phrase caught my attention. This phrase really will keep us from much pain, trouble and sorrow in our lives; because we are our own worst enemy!


Wow! What a life lesson! What a goal! What a lifestyle!

If we could just purpose in our minds, and live our lives with this goal in our minds everyday I wonder what would happen? It would literally change our lives, actions and situations. A vast majority of the court cases in our countries that deal with people suing each other would be resolved outside of court simply because our mouth gets us in trouble. Rather than being wise and quiet we like being a fool and noisy! Proverbs shows us that even a fool is considered wise when he keeps his mouth shut!

I challenge you today to purpose in your heart and mind that you will not transgress God, others or yourself with your mouth. If you can't find something constructive to say - zip it! Use your voice to build not destroy. Use your voice for Worship and praise instead of hate and disrespect.
Let everyone know without saying a word that you Love God and respect others!

Yours for a new purpose
Pastor Fred

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