Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 21

Well, it is another great morning here on the great Island of Newfoundland. (At least in our part anyway!) The wind is blowing a small gale, the clouds are rolling in, and one can feel a little chill in the air again. The mild weather may soon be gone, but God is Good All the Time!

November 30, 2009
Psalm 21

This is a great chapter for leadership. People in positions of charge, command or oversight need to know that they can have God on their side. Sometimes as leaders we feel all alone, and we don't have anyone around that we can lean on. When we put our trust in Jesus his salvation, love and guidance are always there! He is here to hear our prayer, petitions and supplications. He is here to protect, save and keep us.

Leaders learn to rejoice in the strength of Jesus that is in you through the Holy Spirit. (If you do not have the Holy Spirit with in you read Acts 2 and find a preacher who preaches full truth to guide you in preparation of the heart to receive it.) Leaders learn to rejoice in the Salvation that Jesus brings every single day!

Jesus will find out your enemies before they strike. Jesus will destroy their plans before they have a chance to destroy you. Jesus will make sure you have the tools you need to lead effectively. Our part is to lift Him up. Our honor is to Exalt Jesus openly! Our glory is to give Jesus all the glory. So, swallow your pride and give Jesus some praise. Trust me it will be well worth it!

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Fred

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Our Prayer Family: A List of Prayer Requests

  • Newfoundland & Labrador! That a wave of God's Spirit would flood this great province!
  • Your Neighbors, that Jesus would save their souls!
  • Springdale, Newfoundland: Pray that God's Spirit would awaken souls to their need of salvation and continued spiritual growth. Also, pray that Pastor Fred can teach many Home Bible Studies.
  • Pastor Fred and his family: Pray for Health, Strength, Inspiration, Revival and that God will lead him to many hungry souls
  • The Country You Live in: Pray for Salvation, Revival, Missionaries and the Moving of God's Spirit

Weekly Prayer for A Country on my counter:

Please pray with me for the country that is in focus each week. Thank You and may God richly bless your prayer life.


A Prayer for Canada:

This week Lord Jesus we bring the country of Canada. Let the revival of your Word and Name sweep across this vast dominion. Let all ethnic groups that now call this great land home become hungry for something more, and find YOU! Let the Church arise to become the bastion of Truth that it is meant to be. Let you people become the light and power that spreads your Gospel throughout all this land!
We ask this all in the Name of Jesus Christ -- Amen!