Sunday, November 29, 2009

Daily Bible Reading & Devotion -- Psalm 20

Good Morning! It is another fine Sunday Morning. A bit damp and duckish, but all the same its nice! May you be blessed in you encounter with Jesus today!

November 29, 2009
Psalm 20

There seems to be an underlying theme in Chapter 20. One that surfaces a number of times. This theme is: "The Name of God".

The Name of God is our Defense....
The Name of God is our Salvation...
The Name of God is our Strength...

I personally have used the Name of God, which is JESUS on a number of occasions, and have seen that it truly is my defense, salvation, and strength. Why? Because when you use the Name you are invoking the one who owns the name!

A crazy dog attacked - "In Jesus Name Leave!" and the dog whimpered away!
In a vehicle, and loosing control - "JESUS" and we gain control, and continue on our way!

Many applications can be found for using the NAME of our God, which is JESUS!

We pray in Jesus Name.
We Repent in Jesus Name.
We Baptize in Jesus Name.
We receive the Holy Spirit of Jesus in Jesus Name.
We bless our daily food in Jesus Name.

As another scripture states: Whatsoever you do in word or deed do all in the name of Jesus!

So as you get ready for day, do be afraid to us the Name of Jesus as your defense, salvation and/or strength!

Yours for the NAME
Pastor Fred

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  • Newfoundland & Labrador! That a wave of God's Spirit would flood this great province!
  • Your Neighbors, that Jesus would save their souls!
  • Springdale, Newfoundland: Pray that God's Spirit would awaken souls to their need of salvation and continued spiritual growth. Also, pray that Pastor Fred can teach many Home Bible Studies.
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A Prayer for Canada:

This week Lord Jesus we bring the country of Canada. Let the revival of your Word and Name sweep across this vast dominion. Let all ethnic groups that now call this great land home become hungry for something more, and find YOU! Let the Church arise to become the bastion of Truth that it is meant to be. Let you people become the light and power that spreads your Gospel throughout all this land!
We ask this all in the Name of Jesus Christ -- Amen!