Monday, December 18, 2006

One Week Left, and I'm up before 6:30am!

Last Christmas when Micah was only a couple months old!
Micah, my youngest boy - 14 months - woke up briefly at about five after 6 this morning! I walked him back to sleep rather quickly so now at about 6:40 am I'm writing in my blog. I didn't figure that it would be much point going back to bed for about a half hour - my alarm is set for quarter to seven. So, here I am taking a great opportunity to talk to you; my blog friends!

It's one week until Christmas! This time next week we will most likely be celebrating the Birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ! I'm so excited!

What do you get excited about? In general I mean? Not necessarily about Christmas, but what in your life gets you excited? Here are some things that get me excited:
  • When I'm being spontaneous with my wife!
  • When I see my children doing something cute, special, funny and or profound!
  • When I watch my oldest, Ethan, pray and God answers His prayer - pretty much every time! (For example: It has snowed every time my son has prayed for "Jesus to throw more snow or water up in the air so that it will snow.")
  • When someone repents of their sins, and/or gets baptized in Jesus Name for the remission of their sins, and/or receives the Gift of the Holy Spirit into their spirit. (I say and/or because it doesn't always happen one after the other.)
  • During Holiday's when I'm celebrating something about Jesus. i.e. Easter, Penecost Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas...
  • When I get to buy something for someone and watch them get excited when they receive it.
  • When God answers my prayers, and/or when God blesses me just because!
  • When God opens a door for me to witness to someone about His greatness, grace, love and mercy!
There is so much more I could say, but I think you can see how I work from this short list. Again I would like to know - "what makes you excited?" This is a very particularly excited time of the year, so maybe it would be a good time to reflect about this. So often we go through life and do not take time to reflect on our own lives. Looking back over your own life can be a very helpful way to see what direction your life is currently taking, and maybe will give you the opportunity to see that you need to make some very important changes.

The Bible tells us in the Proverbs that there "is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end of that way are the ways of destruction!" During this last week before we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, take time to reflect, and see what needs to be changed. Nothing would excite me more if I know of someone who gave their life, spirit, soul and body to Jesus during this Christmas season!

Don't wait to get right with Jesus! NOW! is the time, to day is the day of salvation! Take care of your spirit, and soul's eternity now! The longer you wait the harder it gets. Don't get me wrong nothing is impossible with God, but I found that the longer people live in sin and their own will the hard it is for them to let go, and let God have His way! Jesus is here right now! Just reach out and touch Him, as He passes by. He isn't to busy to here your hearts cry. He is passing by this moment your needs to supply. Jesus is here right now, reach out and touch Him, as He goes by!

Don't ever for get that Jesus really does love you!

Your's for and exciting Christmas with Jesus!
Pastor Fred

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