Tuesday, December 05, 2006

With God nothing is impossible!

What a day yesterday! Yeah it was one of those days! I missed an appointment, and forgot about another. (They called me a reminded me about 5 minutes after the meeting started!)

My wife started participating in our business yesterday. She's supplying baked goods to one of our local stores, ValuFoods. So, she was baking all day yesterday, and our normal schedules were non-existant!

Anyway, let me discuss my premiss and title for this post. The meeting I was late for was a Ministerial Association Christmas Carol Service at one of the local services. We have one every year to raise money for a charity or good cause. It was a great service, and during the benediction Pastor Foster made reference to the scripture about Mary, when she was talking with the Angel about the birth of Jesus. The Angel said, "For with God nothing is impossible!"

This is a very powerful scripture! The angel came on an ordinary day. Mary was probably in the house doing her chores. When the Baby was born it was an ordinary day. The people were being taxed, the shepherds were in the field working, and everyone was busy doing what they did.

Yet, on a very ordinary day Jesus came. God manifest in the flesh shone His light into a very dark world, and the darkness could not defeat it! Nothing is impossible with God.

It could be on a very ordinary busy day for you that Jesus could stop by and visit with you. His light could shine so brightly in your life, and melt all your sins away! It doesn't matter the day, nor does it matter the hour. It doesn't matter the situation, nor does it matter the problem. Nothing is impossible with Jesus!

As the song says:
My God can do anything, anything, anything;
My God can do anything, but fail!
He put the stars in the sky,
He'll wipe those tears from your eyes,
My God can do anything, anything!

Never dispair Jesus can do anything!

Yours for the Spirit of Christ,
Pastor Fred

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