Thursday, November 01, 2012

Playing Around will get you nowhere!

Good Morning World!

This morning I heard a song on the radio that got me thinking. It was a country song, and the only reason I had it on was because it seems my CD player has kicked the bucket.  Anyhoo', one line in the song caught my attention, "Friday night football, Saturday night last call, Sunday morning Hallelujah!" Certainly the tune was catchy, but the message was all messed up!

Do we honestly think that we are going to get anywhere by playing with the pleasures of this world during the week only to do lip service to God on Sunday?  Are we willing to sell our souls to carnal nature and "fun" during the week, only to "repent" on Sunday?  Will we truly find salvation by slapping Jesus in the face all week long only to give him a big huge on 'the Lord's day'?  Why don't we just pick up the nails and hammer and crucify him afresh ourselves?  We ought to just push the spear in his side ourselves!

It's a crying shame that we think that we can ride the fence without getting hurt.  It's stupidity to think that we can play with fire all our lives and not get burnt.  If we can't live for Jesus 24/7 then we have a problem.  Too, often we live not for Jesus or others, but ourselves.  Sure, it's nice to take a break and chill, but that should be the exception not the rule!  How is this world going to become a better place if everyone is only thinking about themselves?  Are we not taught as children the only way to change the world is to help others?  Yet, as adults and older teens, we seem to forget that other people are important.  We forget that we are not the only person on the planet with problems.  We forget that someone else has it worse than us!

I think I'll write a poem about this:

Sunday is day we worship the Lord,
I hope you don't get too bored.
I love my hands to raise,
To the Great I am in praise.

Monday my faith is strong,
With His help I'll do no wrong.
Through daily prayer I'll gain,
The strength to stay in the lane.

Tuesday, and I'll not turn back
From the daily mental attack.
I'll read His holy Word,
And fly away like a bird.

Wednesday I'll reach out and touch
A person that needs some lunch.
I'll show this world it needs
To hear some Gospel seeds.

Thursday I'll work for Jesus
Because He saves and see's us!
His will to preform,
My wayward soul to reform.

Friday and we think the work is done,
We are ready to lay it down for some fun.
To our knees we should go,
Before our salvation we blow.

Saturday we reach out to the needy.
Maybe there is someone crying feed me!
Let's take the family to the store,
So we can another life restore.
Maybe this little poem will help you live you life a little bit differently!

Yours for Christ,
Pastor Fred

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