Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What are you into?

Good Morning World!

So, my children are really into Gamecube the past week.  Almost an obsession really.  I finally got the cube working again, and that is about all they want to do.  It is even funny to watch the little ones try to play as if they have played all their lives!

It got me thinking this morning, "What if we serve our Saviour Jesus Christ like that?"  What would happen if we really loved Jesus more than anything, and that all we thought about was what we could do that would please Him?  My children are always trying to win new levels and get new awards and unlock new characters, and so they are always taking every spare minute to play.  What would happen in our lives if we took every spare minute to serve Jesus, talk to Him and listen to what He wants us to do for Him next?

I think our lives would change so much that within a few short weeks we would be so changed that we wouldn't even recognize who we are!  I mean a change for the better of course!

So, my question this morning:  "What are you into?"  What do you 'obsess' about?  Why don't you try to 'obsess' about the Saviour and creator of your life?!

Yours for Christ,
Pastor Fred

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