Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are You A Fool? Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 53

Good Morning World!

It is interesting to note people's responses to different stimuli.  We (you and I) could go through the same situation in life, but we could have two totally different out comes based almost entirely on our character and reaction to said circumstance.  For example I believe in God, and I believe that He is my Saviour and His name is Jesus, which He displayed through the birth, life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  You may not believe this.  You may not have much faith in "a" god let alone believe in "The Only" God.  Our different types of faith will change the outcome of any similar life events we may go through.  I will lean on Jesus for strength, direction, comfort and wisdom and therefore, feel much less stress in my situation.  You may not have Jesus to lean on and therefore, stress may cause you to have a nervous break down.  I will go to Church and worship, you may end up in the  hospital on anti-depressants or anti-stress medicine.

Psalm 53

This is very much like what David is talking about in this Chapter.

The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God."
What a thing to say.  I wonder how many atheists could actually confess with absolute certainty that there is no God or overseeing universal force?  To say that there is no God is very definitive and close minded. To put you faith in a science that continually proves that God exists seems almost a paradox!

David the prophet is speaking about the captivity of God's people.  It is almost laughable in a way, because every time that Israel stopped completely trusting in God they ended up slaves to some heathen nation.  Then when they finally smartened up and began to call on God He would deliver them with a mighty hand.  This wasn't just a one time deal either.  Israel went around the mulberry bush many times!

Not only were the heathen's fools to think that their vast armies and superior strength had won the battles against Israel, but Israel was foolish to think that their little nation could make it without God's direction. Just think about it this way.  You and your family are just a small almost insignificant part of this whole worlds population as am I.  Yet, we believe that we can beat the odds by ourselves and become something.  The fact is none of us can become anything without some interdependence with others.  You need teachers to teach you.  You need books other people have written to inspire you.  You need financial sources most people don't have.  You need some to discuss ideas with.  We all need someone else to become anything in life.  Why can't that someone be the almighty, all knowing, ever present, all wise God of the entire universe?  Why can't we lean on the one who not only created everything, but also created a plan for us to enter into His presence and be able to live?

Don't become a fool and discredit the things of God just because some one tells you to.  Search the scriptures yourself and see if God isn't real.

Pastor Fred

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