Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Loaded Question: Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 44

Good Morning World!  It is a nice crisp one here in Springdale, with a few flakes falling after a couple days of rain.  The thin white covering reminds me of God's grace and love.  They are a covering for us, and keep us from the dirt of this world!

Psalm 44
Has anyone ever asked you a "loaded question"?  You know the question I'm talking about.  The question that really doesn't have a right answer.  The question that could make you look bad or good all in one word.  The question that digs down into the heart of the matter, and finds the truth.  The question that will allow no lie or no way out.  Yeah, that question!
This chapter starts out sounding like an awesome praise report and then quickly turns into a loaded question aimed straight at the heart of God.  Have you ever had one of those, "You did it for them God, why not for me?" kind of prayers.  This is exactly where David found himself.
God we've heard about your greatness in the past from our fathers.  We haven't forgotten your name or precepts.  We are in a huge pickle and are loosing the battle.  Why aren't you helping us like you helped our fathers?  They weren't as committed as we are.  Where are you!?  Save us Lord for your mercies sake!  This is David's prayer.  He is upset, ashamed and confused.  Are you?
Sometimes in life bad things happen to good people while good things are happening to bad people.  It may seem unfair, but I've found a way to find peace in the storms of life.

  1. Continue to trust in Jesus.  He always has my best interest in mind even when it doesn't seem like it.
  2. Continue to call on Jesus.  He will answer when we call.  He is a gentleman and will wait for the call.
  3. Continue to Love Jesus. He first loved me and died for me.  Nothing in life is equal to that.
  4. Continue to Worship Jesus.  Worshiping the Saviour always brings the sunshine in!
  5. Continue to Remember the Work.  Jesus is working on me.  Jesus is preparing me for "Heaven".
  6. Continue to Fellowship. We all need each other, and leaning on fellow believers is always a blessing.
  7. Continue to believe that Jesus is Good All the Time!
These few things have helped me through many "Loaded Question" situations in my life.   We will all have them, but it is your reaction to those times that will determine the final outcome.  Will it become your greatest blessing or your final curse?

Yours during the "loaded questions",
Pastor Fred
PS> Note that we have our "Pastor Fred Online: Video" section up and running again!  Please visit often and watch.  Pass them along to friends and family.  We will have at least one new video up each week following the Sunday Church services.  More good stuff to come!

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