Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Praise Your Way to Victory! Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 47

Good Morning World!  Another cold day in Springdale, but Jesus is still on the throne!  He is alive!  He is victorious! He is almighty!  He is Saviour!  He is the Healer!  Jesus is Good All the Time!

Psalm 47

Have you ever praised your way out of the "paper bag" of life?  I mean really get with it and just worship in spite of all the turmoil around you?  There is something wonderful about the sacrifice of praise!  There is something amazing about the connection that you receive with Jesus when you praise Him even though the storm is blowing!  Look at Paul and Silas.  They were beaten, imprisoned, falsely accused, and yet they took time in the middle of the night, while the shackles tore at their hands and feet, to lift a song of praise to Jesus!  The presence of God was so strong the building, chains, doors and area they were in could not handle it, and had to bust open in spite of being locked!

David is describing a scenario of worship that calls God into action!  Clap your hands, Shout and Worship with a voice of triumph, because God will (future tense) take care of our enemies who are trampling us down!  Let's not wait until God triumphs to worship.  NO!  Let's worship before He makes His move, because we know that when God moves nothing can with stand Him!  We know that He will take care of us!  We know that He is almighty!  We know that He is on the throne!  Worship in spite of the storm!  Worship you way to Victory!

Another time God called the armies of Israel to battle, however, He asked the praise team to march in front of the soldiers.  The would sing and praise their way into battle!  As they sang and praised God the enemy thought they heard an innumerable army, and turned and fled before the battle ever started!  When we worship Jesus with a voice of triumph the enemy becomes confused and can no longer fight!  When we sing with a voice of triumph we begin to unleash the power of heaven upon earth!

Let's stop cowering under our situations and circumstances.  Let's rise up as the people of God and begin to Praise our way to Victory with the loud voice of triumph!

Your's for Daily Spiritual Victory,
Pastor Fred

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