Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Save Me! Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 54

Good Morning World!

Satellites are a wonderful invention.  I gazed up into the dark abyss this morning, as I returned to my van after cleaning.  The brightness of a few of the stars or planets lead me to believe they were probably satellites.  I began to wonder if I could see much detail through my sons telescope.  We had looked at the moon last night and saw the craters and mountains, so why can we not see some detail on a satellite.  Suddenly I realized something slightly related and yet totally different.  I am a satellite.  What?  Yes!  I am a satellite sending and receiving information, data and relationship to and from Jesus Christ.  If all of the believers could focus their signals, it would amplify the transmission around the world!  I can only imagine what would happen!

Psalm 54

Have you ever felt betrayed?  Have you ever trusted someone to hide a secret, but they betrayed you trust?  Have you ever needed to hide from something, but someone you trusted gave you away?  That is exactly the background of this Chapter. (According to the pre-notes anyway.)
David was forced to hide from king Saul for many years, because Saul found out the God had chosen David as king instead of him.  During one of David's undercover operations he stayed with the Ziphims.  They welcomed him in and then turned around and told Saul David's location.  This betrayal is very much like many situations that we all face.  In a world where trust is thin and loyalty a thing of the past many are betrayed daily.
We must learn to do as David did.  Worship through the pain.  God will deliver just desserts!  God will avenge your pain!  Jesus has delivered and He will deliver again.  Don't be so discouraged that you can't get back up.  Trust in Jesus He will never let you down no matter what men will do to you!

Yours for trusting Jesus
Pastor Fred

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