Sunday, January 17, 2010

True Repentance: Daily Bible Reading -- Psalm 51

Good Morning World!  It is cold! (at least to me - lol) It's been so nice and warm this winter so far that getting to the minus 10 area of the thermometer is almost bone chilling.  (Also note that we have a damp wet cold because of the ocean as opposed to the dry cold of the main land. The wet cold feels at least 10 degrees colder than it actually is...)  Anyway, now that I've got my shivers out on to the post!

Psalm 51

This has been one of my favorite chapters for many years.  The ultimate prayer of repentance.  In a situation of murder, betrayal, fornication and a major cover up to prophet of God points his finger at the king's (David's) face and says, "You are the man!"  A parable told.  A king's passionate response. Heart wrenching guilt!  David had a heart after God's own heart not because he was sinless, but because he knew how to repent, pray and worship no matter what anyone else thought.  As a king David could almost get away with anything, but God was watching and he doesn't over look sin as the populous does.  David and God had such a connection that Jehovah himself had to address this terrible act.  As soon as David felt the pain of what he had done he immediately began to repent, and God made him pay the consequence of this sin.

Repentance can become a very healing event in our life if we would learn to accept it rather than stubbornly push it away.  Releasing ones sin and turmoil to the creator is one of the greatest experiences in a persons life!

I challenge you today.  Find a way to feel the pain of your sins.  Whether it be going to church and hearing a hell fire and brimstone message, or allowing the preacher to personally show you your fault.  Maybe you could just look back on your life honestly and openly in light of scripture and in the presence of God.  Somehow you need to feel the pain of sin and then you will know that you must repent.  I can guarantee that you will find peace, joy and healing in the painful process!

Here is a link to what the Bible says about sin:  A Study about sin.

Yours for a repentant heart!
Pastor Fred

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